10 Benefits of Digital Learning over Traditional

Mar 27, 2020 12:05 AM ET

Everything is digital, including money, entertainment, and learning. As for the last part, it has some undeniable benefits over traditional education.


Technologies are rapidly developing, and this is changing human lives virtually every year. Who would have thought back in 2000 that we would be able to make full-HD photos and videos through our pocket gadgets, which also happen to give us access to all the information in the world from almost any spot on our planet?

This sort of progress did not avoid education, and now digital learning is a real deal. This sort of education is quite interesting and serves as a considerable contender to the traditional learning system with all of its books and schedules and all the other stuff.

Individualized learned

Probably the most important benefit of this sort of learning is in the fact that a teacher or professor can personalize their students’ digital tutoring while not wasting as much time as it would require for in-person meetings with each and every student. Customization of learning course can potentially increase the effectiveness of education as a whole; after all, every student’s needs will be considered and addressed in an appropriate manner.

Students are able to show their competencies

Although it is possible to implement competency-based learning in the traditional educational curriculum, teachers and professors might find it quite hard to keep track of any noticeable progress. However, digital learning eliminates this barrier.

After all, implementing a number of tracking scales means that a tutor is able to clearly see where the students succeed and where they need some additional help. This way, it is possible to implement previously mentioned individualized learning.

Possibility of collaboration

If a student feels that there are some issues with digital assignments, there is always a possibility to participate in some sort of collaboration. After all, students are frequently creating their own online study groups because cooperation with peers proves to be an effective method of learning.

They can also ask for help to write an essay in UK to have an example of what a great assignment looks like. So, we have enhanced communication between students with different backgrounds and opinions, which promotes critical thinking and creative problem-solving.

Knowledge sharing

Students who organize their own digital learning groups are often sharing interesting pieces of information or online literature. It is a very important aspect of group studies as it opens a pathway for new and creative solutions to various assignments. Professors and tutors might also benefit from this sort of knowledge sharing and enrich their digital studying programs.

Communication with teachers

Now this one may sound weird to some people, but trust me, it’s important to highlight different communication with teachers. You see, digital learning provides students with a much larger number of channels of communication, which is very important for a young mind. The digitalization of communication means that response times are lower, more precise, and convenient for everyone. Finally, shy learners can benefit from this, especially if they are uncomfortable asking in front of a whole class.

Lower costs

That is a classic benefit of digital learning. While the traditional system requires considerable expenses on things such as equipment, school resources, and various textbooks, digitalized education does not have this downside. Right sort of software and digital textbooks are way cheaper and more convenient both for the students and teachers alike.

Couple that with reduced need to use public transportation and other stuff – there it is. Just too much costs reduction in comparison to the traditional learning. This is especially important in our era of skyrocketing student loan debt that is often financially crippling people for years to come!

Lower stress

That is one of the best benefits for students. Let’s begin with a pace. Traditional education creates considerable pressure as it forces students to keep up with others and perform at a pace that may be uncomfortable, thus leading to burnouts. So, with digital learning, a student is able to study at a personal space and calmly go through the material again, if it is required. There is no hurry to keep up with others!


Furthermore, students are also flexible in choosing the best environment to study. For example, a student is more comfortable learning in a library or some coffee shop to stay away from household distractions? That’s fine. Or maybe it’s more convenient to study their own room, with all the things under the hand? That’s also fine. If a student is confident in one’s surroundings, he or she will be more motivated to study!

Expanded learning opportunities

Considering the ability to track the progress of a class is quite easy, a teacher or professor might notice that some student is fluent in one discipline or lacks skills in another. So, there is a possibility to provide young minds with some online courses that could potentially benefit education in one way or another.

For example, a professor can suggest a course that is of particular interest for one student or a course that should cover weaker sides of another one. Quite impressive and highly engaging, as students are able to understand that their tutor is taking time to consider their progress and suggest ways to improve!

The future is now

Finally, technologies are here to stay. They are constantly affecting our lives, and whether we want it or not, education is becoming digitalized in a natural way. So, it is better to take advantage of what it has to offer because of one thing – it is going to become more convenient for everyone. Making life easier is the whole purpose of technology and digitalization.


As you can see, there are just too many benefits of digital education that are putting it way ahead of the traditional methods. You have convenience, personalized learning, lower costs, communication between everybody, and many other things. While traditional learning works, the system is suffering from things such as student exhaustion, inability to finance everything, and so on. That is why I am so pro-digital when it comes to tutoring students.

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