10 Popular Desserts in the city of Joy

Sep 4, 2020 12:10 PM ET

The place is known for all the loce and happiness around Durga Puja, and every other festival. The city festivizes every occasion with their desserts; if itas Eid then Sevaiya and if Christmas then Nahom’s Baked Plum Cake. Food can have many different cuisines. Not only Bengali cuisine or Mughal delicacies but the Kolkata Caterers are really fond of the deserts found in Bengal. They know just the way of expressing the wonderful taste of sweetness that resembles the tenderness and love of the City of Joy.

1. Chom Chom

As one dips this beautiful piece in their mouth, it melds into the meadows in seconds. The beautiful sweet is similarly made like Rosogolla but the shape is slightly cylindrical but it has the syrup made out of milk or condensed milk. Very popular with the wedding menus but the Kolkata caterers serve this in a circular dimension with malai on top which is known for its mild coldness and sweetness.

2. Rosogolla

The city of Joy is known for its innovation in the field of Rosogolla. Founded by Nabin Chandra Das, this is just the right emotion of the City of Joy. Kolkata Caterers are known for this particular dessert. To be honest  Kolkata or any part of Bengal has the best trick for baking Rosogolla. The lightness of cottage cheese balls boiled sugar syrup might sound really easy. Caterers often keep this as their first choice in every well-known dessert for the Bengali wedding menu.

3. Ledikeni

Looks like Rosogolla in terms of shape and size; round and beautiful filled with sugary syrup donded with the Kesar shade. This too is a far fetched cousin of none other than Golap Jamun. The hard brown crust on the outside with a soft white core in the inside. The only difference in this sweet dish is the syrup that is served along with Golap Jamun by the Kolkata Caterers. The City keeps their  Ledikeni dry, yet slightly moist with an edible wrap of  “Varak” around it, which resembles the coating of edible silver foil.

4. Jalebi Malai

The Kolkata Caterers serve jalebis, it is really spicy, accompanied by the topping of cold malai or rabri. The combination of spicy and cold at the same time served with a complete delight of sweetness and loveJalebi is not really a Bengali dessert but it is highly appreciated in Kolkata. The city offers few of the street shops for Jalebi. Many caterers often prefer this delicacy of spicy jalebis with the ultimate spiciness of golden yellow sweet syrup topped with Kesar and pistachios in weddings and other events as well.

5. Soan Papdi

Soan Papdi is probably the most Indianized sweet available all around the Indian subcontinent. Very popular with the majority of Indian festivals as a dessert exchanged during Diwali or any other household festival. But this is served dry by Kolkata Caterers in every event that asks for a dry yet pretty tasting Ghee baked sweet.

6. Rasmalai

This is the ancestral cousin to the heritage of  Rosogolla and chom chom. The same ? proportion and shape of Rosogolla served in the sweet thick milky syrup of chom chom. The Kolkata Caterers keep this in small bowls for individual consumption, whereas it is served on leaf made bowls on the street of the city of Joy. Anyone visiting Kolkata has to try it at least once.

7. Makha Sandesh

This sweet dish is the specialty of  Kolkata because it is only available during the wintertime. A mixed mixture of Nolen Gur and Sandesh that has no accurate shape or size. Served along with weight instead of size, this has a soft texture that exhibits its mild taste with every flowing bite. This goes well with malai Lassi or Khasta Kachori, another Bengali enthic snack.

8. Komola Bhog

This is actually the far fetched brother of Rosogolla. Similarly cooked like Rosogolla by the flavours are slightly improved.  With a slight vanilla fragrance that is too good to taste. The Kolkata caterers indulge the light millennial yellow tinge to the sweet with the same vanilla odor. Mostly flavored and coloured with the milk of Kesar. This blends well into the syrup of rose, and vanilla altogether.

9. Kalakand

The most favorite Bengali sweet dish at every Wedding or any other function. The beautiful combination of sweetness with a tinch of texture. This sweet is the personal favorite for a  whole of reasons. Firstly it is sweet like Sandesh secondly it has a sandy texture like Chom Chom which makes it special in its own way.

10. Sandesh

Every person in this globe identifies Sandesh as the most popular Bengali food besides Rosogolla. This is just an open pallet that can be customized and shaped into any possible size and shape for any part of Bengal. The Kolkata Caterers serve this with the concoction of something glorious like Nolin Gur, Cashew, or something else. Whereas they   serve this in the most traditional way.

Although almost every sweet and dessert is surrounded beside the boundary of Rosogolla someway or the other. But, The Kolkata Caterers somewhat have their own talent is adjusting the beauty of their menu, with the best possible sweet dish. Besides this, the streets of Kolkata almost has alteast one sweet shop at evry corner which foldles around the best delicacies.


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