11 Simple Tools for Building Mobile Apps Fast

Jan 4, 2021 11:28 AM ET

iCrowdNewswire   Jan 4, 2021  6:28 AM ET

Today there is a greater need for an online presence as a digital product without a mobile app will lose a significant part of its target audience. A large portion of the information is now being accessed on mobile devices, and a mobile app ensures that this information is even closer to a potential customer. Attracting customers, retaining customers, and increasing their loyalty are the tasks that a mobile application successfully copes with. Besides, the mobile app helps to deliver a better user experience.

If you want to learn more about app development, visit https://litslink.com/services/app-development as the mobile app helps businesses grow revenues, win new competitive advantages, and stand out with their products or services. Besides, as reported by App Annie, the amount of time spent on mobile apps has grown by 40%, reaching a monthly high of more than 200 billion hours spent on apps in April 2020. Low-code development frameworks use a visual drag-and-drop approach to build apps, allowing developers to deliver apps faster and more cost-effectively.

If you are looking for an inexpensive and fast solution for creating a mobile application, we created a list of simple app builders to develop an app faster and efficiently.

Appy Pie

One of the reasons why this platform has gained popularity so quickly is the sheer number of unique features it offers.  For example, with Appy Pie, you can add in-app purchases, ads, download e-books or other content, connect databases, integrate social media, create an instant messaging app, and so on. The best part is that there is a large database of tutorials that chew everything up so that customers can simply implement the functionality and easily design an app. Besides, a platform has pretty responsive live support that can be called anytime and anywhere. It is one of the easiest to use drag and drop based platforms that allow you to easily create your app in just a few minutes.


Shoutem is one of the best products on the market and has grown steadily since opening in 2011. In their latest version, they have updated the platform, significantly improving the user experience. The platform has great templates with lots of customization options, and each application can get a unique look. Your app made in this constructor will be not only engaging but also functional. This app building platform is perfect for event-related apps as users can share comments and photos with the Social Wall feature.


The components or building blocks provided by this app creation platform are varied, and with their help, you can make a loyalty card, meeting planner, e-commerce store, collect reviews and ratings from users, or implement an event app. The platform offers seven different templates that can be combined with six different navigation styles.  What makes an app truly yours are the app colors, background images, and icons that you can change as you wish.


In addition to the design templates, the builder also implements some of the most advanced features – social networking, chats, geofencing, iBeacons, and more.  With GoodBarber, you can get your own Android app for $ 32 a month, and if you want Android and iOS right away, then a monthly subscription can go up to $ 96.  Both plans also implement a beautiful progressive web application. Great additional features like push notifications or chats give you a lot of flexibility when building apps.


Convenient control and administration panels facilitate the update release process. The platform is popular with customers due to its ease of use, quick reconfiguration capabilities, and wide application changes. You can make changes on the fly and even test those changes in real-time.


The platform is especially good when it comes to e-commerce features such as customizable catalogs or loyalty programs. The great thing is that you can receive payments from within the app. This is a great feature for those who care about security and privacy. Their booking feature is particularly unique in that it allows you to simply schedule appointments or book tickets to create really interesting event apps that can be complemented by interesting content, including videos.


The AppMachine builder is unique in that it has automated all available processes. If you already have a website, then it can simply extract all the necessary information from it using only the URL. It also works with Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks, RSS feeds, and even your images.

The AppMachine editor is visually impressive and quite easy to use. While not all components are intuitive to begin with, they are likely to become so as you use them. At the moment, the builder offers two plans: Plus for $ 49 per month and Pro for $ 69.


IBuildApp has one of the simplest drag and drop editors, a built-in content management system, and over a thousand app templates to choose from! This platform for creating applications is one of the most versatile when it comes to creating beautiful typical applications without programming knowledge. You can try the free trial before investing in the platform.


It is one of the cloud builders you can use to build apps for leading stores, including Android, iOS, and Windows Phone. Since it is a cloud platform, there is no need to download and install anything on your computer, which means you can start building applications pretty quickly. This platform also offers a drag and drop interface for creating user interfaces and allows you to connect to any REST API and then use it in your application. Moreover, application data can be stored in an instantly addable cloud database.

Mobile Roadie

Just imagine that such companies as Disney, TED.org, and Universal made their apps using this platform! The builder offers some great features for communities, such as chat and fan wall, which makes it especially appealing to artists and bands. The music player that can be integrated into the application is also popular, especially among musicians. Besides, the platform boasts some pretty advanced features like geo-targeting for content.


TheAppBuilder offers two different approaches and has a range of templates to suit a wide variety of clients. Applications are easily created using online tools, there are a tutorial and built-in help from the builder itself. It is easy to define the structure of the application and fill it with some data.

You can use a dedicated AppLibrary and offer your users a choice of multiple apps, and there is also the option to brand it. Moreover, it is possible to make changes to the structure and content of your application even after launch. Any updates you make will become available within 60 seconds after they are saved.

So, creating a mobile application will help you find and retain customers. A well-thought-out interface and functionality will simplify communication and help build loyalty to your company and its product. And these app builders are designed to develop a mobile solution quickly and inexpensively.