15 People in Chicago Hospitalized After Wrong-Way Driver Crashes into CTA Bus

Feb 23, 2020 10:20 PM ET

A wrong-way driver collided into a CTA bus on February 7, 2020, that resulted in 15 people suffering injuries, including one who was said to have been in critical condition [Source: Chicago Tribune]. The driver who initiated the crash was driving a Honda minivan at the time and was traveling north on North Lorel Avenue. The minivan driver struck the CTA bus that was heading west as it approached the intersection in the 5300 block of West Chicago Avenue.

Chicago police say the driver neglected to stick around after the accident, and instead, abandoned their vehicle, which is against the law in the State of Illinois. Under Illinois law, drivers are required to remain at the scene of a crash to exchange information with those involved, especially when the crash resulted in property damage, injuries to another, or death.

While 15 people were transported to the hospital for the injuries they suffered, all were expected to survive their injuries, according to Chicago police.


Involved in a CTA bus accident and not sure what to do?

While city buses are considered to be a “relatively safe (low crash risk) and secure (low crime risk) transport mode,” according to Todd Litman’s “A New Transit Safety Narrative,” we can’t account for the behavior of other drivers. The incident described above is a prime example of this. While a large number of accidents involving city buses occur on account of another driver’s negligent behavior, there are also times when the city bus driver is responsible for causing an accident.

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Should I file a personal injury lawsuit?
Who pays for injuries in the case of a hit-and-run accident?

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