21 Injured in School Bus Crash in New Hampshire

Mar 30, 2020 2:05 PM ET

17 children and 4 adults suffered minor injuries in a multi-vehicle crash in Salem on August 1st, 2019. The school bus carrying students from schools in Massachusetts collided into a pickup truck and dump truck.

Authorities reported that most of the injured schoolchildren belonged to elementary school. Salem Fire officials report that the collision took place on North Broadway around 10:15 am.

Children Had Minor Injuries

13 ambulances reported to the accident scene Thursday morning. There were a total of 43 children on the school bus with 3 adult chaperones and the bus driver. 17 children, 2 adult chaperones, school bus driver and the driver of the pick-up truck were transported to local hospitals.

Salem Fire did not waste time in activating a level 2 Mass Casualty event to bring mutual aid resources from Massachusetts and New Hampshire cities and towns together. This was done because of the several people requiring medical attention.

21 people in total were transported to local hospitals in New Hampshire and Massachusetts with minor injuries. There were no physical injuries on the dump truck driver who refused medical attention.

Dump Truck Caused the Accident

The school bus was on a field trip and was carrying students from Massachusetts schools in Lawrence and Methuen. Salem Police, Fire and EMS were the first ones to respond to the accident scene on North Broadway.

Salem Police reported that the dump truck appeared to have rear ended the Nissan pick-up when they arrived on the scene. The pick-up was pushed into the school bus with the force of impact.

However, the accident is still being investigated by NHSP Troop G along with Salem, NH Police department.

Filing a PIL in New Hampshire

Personal injury lawsuits can be complicated since they are a civil legal action brought by a victim against responsible parties. This means that negligence or carelessness needs to be proved. The goal of a school bus accident attorney is to secure monetary damages to compensate for injuries and other losses suffered by a victim as a result of the accident.

There should be at least one claim for carelessness or negligence to file a PIL. The experience of a school bus accident lawyer may be necessary to prove that the actions of the negligent party caused the victim to suffer. Monetary compensation may take into account:

Pain and suffering
Damage to property and vehicle
Past and future cost of medical care
Loss of life enjoyment

It’s necessary to file the lawsuit before the statute of limitations runs out.

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