25+ Creative Gift Ideas for Office Staff in 2022

Dec 16, 2021 4:00 AM ET

The Christmas holidays are closing in. For people who work in an office environment, it is the best time to show appreciation for all their co-workers and employees. Sharing gifts between colleagues is a token of thanks for their daily support and help. If you’re the boss of a company, you know that employees are the heart of any business, so Christmas gifts are a good way to show your respect for their hard work and assistance.

Finding the right gift can be a challenge that is fraught with multiple questions. This list of gift ideas for office staff will deprive you of buying white elephant gifts and help focus on things that people will actually use.

Small Gift Ideas for Office Staff

Regarding the pandemic changes, most gifts that worked in the past may seem unsuitable and impractical now. Check the best inexpensive but not boring gifts in 2022:

– a mini desktop vacuum cleaner for people who like to eat at their desks;

– a notebook to write down to-do lists and inspirational quotes;

– a desk calendar to mark significant dates;

– an insulated coffee mug with a spill-resistant lid;

– a smart mug warmer powered by a USB port, which is small enough to live on any desk and keep your coffee warm;

– a loose-leaf tea set, which includes a double-wall tumbler, a matching lid, an infuser, and tea pouches;

– various tech gadgets (earbuds, a mouse, a mouse pad, a power bank, a webcam), especially regarding the fact that some team members work remotely nowadays;

– apparel items or tote bags/backpacks with a company logo;

– a water bottle that allows people always stay hydrated;

– a desk lamp;

– an adult coloring book to relieve daily stress at work;

– a mini air humidifier powered by a USB port to prevent chapped skin and hands;

– a set of beauty products or bath/shower accessories (salts, combs, brushes);

– special glasses to block the harmful blue light since employees spend long hours in front of their computer screens;

– a workout mat can motivate people working from home to start practicing yoga or visiting the gym;

– at-home workout equipment (jump ropes, hand weights, balance balls, etc.) since most gyms may be closed nowadays;

– scented candles;

– socks with funny patterns;

– board games to play with other co-workers during breaks;

– a small-potted desk plant to spruce up the working area;

– touchscreen gloves for employees who want to remain productive even in the street facing the winter wind while shooting a quick message or checking emails;

– an alarm clock for employees who are always late to work;

– a small portable coffee maker if a person works remotely and misses the office coffee;

– a fountain pen for an employee who has just got a promotion.

As a complement to your gift, don’t forget to attach a thank you note. Its power shouldn’t be underestimated since it shows your respect and attention to every employee, especially if they work remotely. This simple note can be made in the form of a Christmas card and laminated to look festive. The Fellowes laminator reviews describe the best laminating machines that can be very helpful for creating unique invitations, cards, and photos. This is a great tool for both office and home use to make exclusive though cheap things for your employees and friends.

Gift Basket Ideas for Office Staff 

If you plan to give something to the entire office staff, the biggest challenge is to make sure that your gift won’t be too personal or won’t distinguish any of your colleagues as your favorite. To keep it professional, the best type of gift is all-popular gift baskets. There is no limit to the type of goodies you can include in this basket.

There can be:

– sweets, cookies, candies, or chips if your office pals have a sweet tooth;

– healthy snacks like energy bars or dried fruits;

– nuts and gourmet mixes to satisfy any crunch craver;

– a tea/coffee collection for tea/coffee connoisseurs;

– chocolate or bakery treats;

– fresh fruits;

– assorted fruit jams.

This gift basket is made up of multiple mini-presents so you can put in any foods or goods up to your imagination. You may do a little research to figure out what foods/goods your staff like or need. As an alternative, you can make a gift basket for every employee at the same price tag. The basket content can also be personalized and bound with hobbies (fishing accessories, vinyl record disks, bath products, etc.).

So, Which Gift to Choose? 

If you don’t know what to buy as a Christmas gift or if you don’t know the interests of your new employees, a gift card will be a safe choice. You may opt for a particular gift card (for example, to a toy store or a bookstore) or for a gift card with a wide range of applications (for example, to various online shopping meccas like Amazon).

Christmas is the best time of the year. This holiday gives you an opportunity to make tight bonds with your co-workers and employees. This is a chance to show that they are valuable members of a strong and united team. The gift ideas described above will serve you as an inspiration and help you select a type of present that will be appreciated, used, and not forgotten.

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