3 Dead And 18 Injured In Bus That ‘Flipped Over’ on a California Freeway

Mar 10, 2020 5:05 PM ET

Just another day in beleaguered California. A charter bus rolled over in an accident that took lives of three people and injured 18 others.

The accident took place on February 22nd, 2020 around 10:30 am. PST when a southbound bus on I-15 flipped over. According to the North County Fire Protection District, the bus was 45 miles north of San Diego when it rolled over and ejected some passengers, killing three people.

The charter veered to the right and traversed the shoulder before toppling off the highway as per a statement by California Highway Patrol Officer Mark Latulippe. The bus carrying children and adults tumbled down an embankment few feet below and rolled over in a brush. North County Fire Chief Stephen Abbott stated that no child was killed, and all injured passengers were rushed to different hospitals.

Bus Had No Seat Belts

First responders on the scene found the charter flipped over on its roof and in danger of sliding down the embankment. NCFPD Captain John Choi told CBS News that their first response was to stabilize the bus before the rescue crew could get to the people. Choi also stated that the charter bus did not have seat belts. Luckily, there were no other vehicles involved in the accident to warrant the need for individual coach accident attorneys.

Crash Probed by NTSB

National Transportation Safety Board did not delay in sending four federal investigators to California. They were in time to help local authorities determine the cause of the charter bus roll off. Eric Weiss, a spokesperson for NTSB told USA TODAY that investigators had the authority to review specific aspects of the accident.

Types of Damages Available to Victims

Bus accident victims are entitled to various forms of damage and economic compensation. Economic damages usually cover direct costs related to the accident. Compensatory damage may include emotional distress, medical bills, lost wages, physical therapy, and future lost earnings among others.

Never Settle for Bus Accidents Right Away

The common consensus among most coach accident lawyers in California is to never settle a liability right away. Injured victims and their family members should always consult with an experienced law firm before settling for any amount of money. There are many consulting firms that offer free initial consultation.

There have been numerous cases, especially in Southern California where companies have settled for dramatically smaller amounts. Generally, lawyers with the right legal backing have the ability to win larger settlements. Unscrupulous behavior by leasing corporations and insurance companies can add to the tragedy.


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