3 Essential Tips for Beginning Site Flippers

Jun 9, 2020 11:00 PM ET

Buying and selling digital real estate is a well-known way to make money online, but one that remains largely misunderstood. Some people think that consistently making money through this business model is impossible, while others are making money hand over fist. The truth is that it’s all about using the right strategy, understanding the business, building a solid knowledge base and capitalizing on it, and some trial and error. With the right base, however, you should be able to start making successful sales, and know how to make them on a regular basis. Here are some essential tips for newbie site flippers.

1.     Start Exploring Platforms

You should start by looking up some of the top platforms for selling sites out there. Don’t stick with Flippa only. If you look around, you could find an exchange marketplace that is much more forgiving with less competition. Marketplaces are great options you should check out. The more sites you can use, the more chances you’ll have at making a sale, simple as that. Also, don’t hesitate to look at alternate sources like site flipping communities or online marketing forums, but use safe transaction methods only.

2.     Choose the Right Strategy

There are many approaches that you can take if you want to start selling websites for profit. One option is to build websites from scratch. This could be a good option if you have some good design skills but involves a lot of work. Another thing you could do is find a starter site, get more traffic and increase the revenue, then sell it. This would allow you to bypass much of the startup time and generate revenue. You could also go for a well-established website, make some adjustments, and try to sell it at a higher value.

These are all good options, and you should look into them in detail. Some people like to stick to building sites, while others will buy multiple sites and sell them back in packs. There is room to grow no matter the model you choose, so pick what you like and fits your style the best.

3.     Know Your Site Types

While you can sell virtually any type of site, there are sites that tend to be more popular than others. One example is content sites. Sites with a lot of native content tend to sell pretty well. People who buy these sites often want to be able to build them into an authority. Then you have e-commerce sites. These are very popular since people can get a clear snapshot of how profitable the site is and will be able to start making money instantly.

Another option is Software as a Service. These are cloud-hosted services that allow people to subscribe for a monthly or yearly fee. Lead gen sites are also very popular but will usually require that you’re able to show proof that they work first. These are the most common types of sites you’ll find on most marketplaces, so it would be wise that you familiarize yourself with the demand for them, and pick one or multiple that you would feel comfortable with.

Flipping sites for money is definitely possible, but it’s hard work. Whatever you do, make sure that you know what to expect, and start with baby steps.


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