3 Moves Before the Start of the NFL Season

Jul 28, 2020 5:45 AM ET

The NFL off season has been ripe with plenty of drama and moves that has kept even the most casual NFL fan entertained. There’s still about a month before the start of the season though and we thought about some potential trades we’d like to see to make things a little more interesting.

Tampa Bay trades O.J. Howard to Dallas. This is a trade we’d love to see as Howard clearly is in need of a new start away from Bruce Arians and his tight end unfriendly system. What’s more the Buccaneers still have Cameron Brate and just traded for Rob Gronkowski from the Patriots. Howards potential is still through the roof and has flashed greatness over his first couple of seasons. A move to the NFC East could help boost that Dallas passing game and improve on incumbent tight end Blake Jarwin. Yes they just signed Jarwin to an extension, but is he proven as a tight end that can shoulder a full load? Howard would be a welcome addition to the Cowboys who are in win-now mode and could use a talented tight end to bolster this surging offense.

The Packers trade for AJ Green. The Bengals have no real intentions on re-signing  Green to a long term extension, so why not trade the oft injured wide receiver now and get a draft pick in return. Green is still a serviceable wide receiver and could thrive playing opposite of Davante Adams with Aaron Rodgers. Adams needs some major help as he remains the only receiving Ultimatum for Green Bay and Green could provide that. The Bengals can start fresh with Joe Burrow, putting out Tyler Boyd, John Ross, and Tee Higgins as their wide receiver sets this season.

The 49ers sign Devonta Freeman. This one might take some pieces being moved around including Raheem Mostert being traded. It would be fun to reunite Freeman with Tevin Coleman and Kyle Shanahan though making an already potent run offense even more dominant. Mostert demanded a trade a little while ago and while the market for running backs isn’t very hot right now, adding Freeman to the mix over Mostert may be a winning formula for the 49ers. Mostert was good last year but it’s hard to imagine he can keep up that yards per carry average, and he also does not catch passes out of the backfield. WIth Freeman they would get a versatile runner who already knows the system.

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