3 Steps Businesses In Delmarva Are Taking to Help Their Remote Workers

Nov 2, 2020 8:14 PM ET

3 Steps Businesses I

iCrowdNewswire   Nov 2, 20203:14 PM ET

The conversation around remote working is controversial; some executives rave about the productivity seen in their remote workforce, while some individuals are weary about the isolation that occurs when employees work virtually. No matter what your opinion about the virtual environment is, it is obvious that remote working is here to stay for the foreseeable future. With so many employees adjusting to the change in their workday, employers are taking steps to make sure that their workforce has the support they need. In this article, we will share the unique ways that businesses in Delmarva are supporting their remote workers.

1. Investing In Employees

In an article about leading remote teams, Maria Clyde from B+H Insurance LLC in Delaware shared that companies must be creative based on their specific circumstances. One of her greatest pieces of advice was to employers. She believes that employers should create ways for employees to connect and discuss things separate from work. Instead of constantly being on business meetings, integrate virtual happy hours and other fun activities into the schedule each month. With more time at home, people are eager for conversation and meaningful interaction. 

2. Establishing a Foundation of Trust

During this time, there is a lot to learn from businesses who were already employing a large percent of telecommuters. General Dynamics is headquartered in Virginia. Because they work around the globe, they have experience operating virtually. At the core of their work, General Dynamics encourages trust and equality among all workers. This spirit of honesty and trustworthiness empowers individuals to work effectively, efficiently, and excellently. 

3. Running a Tight Ship

Now that the virtual environment has been established for over half of a year, you should be operating efficiently. At the beginning of remote working, it was normal for video calls to be choppy and efficiency to be low. Now, employees and employers should know how to work effectively from different locations. Great employers have security measures in place for their employees. Proper video conferencing lines, secure networks, and effective processes are important adaptations for the virtual workforce.

Most companies are choosing to invest in a cheap VPN so that their employees can use public networks without compromising their data. In addition to having security measures in place, companies like Delmarva Power are working to support their employees and their customers during this unusual season. By offering options like subsidized power bills, employees and customers are able to navigate the pandemic with less stress. In addition to subsidized bills, companies are offering to purchase items that will be used in the home offices of their employees.


In these unprecedented times, it is important that businesses learn how to adequately support their workforce. There is much controversy when discussing the effectiveness of remote working. Right now, remote employment is inevitable for certain industries. In Delaware, over 60% of the workforce is operating virtually. Employers should utilize this season to better support and encourage their employees. When individuals feel empowered and supported, they are more likely to give 100% effort in everything that they do.