4 Basic Tips For Starting Your Photography Career

Aug 19, 2020 5:45 AM ET

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Starting to Pursue your passion? Everyone has this creative and artistic part in them that they tend to naturally express in different forms like writing, speaking, creating music, painting, dancing, and the like. If your interest happens to be in photography, then you’re in the right spot.

Photography is an art, but it has something more than what you see in any photo. Photography becomes more beautiful and artistic because of the story or meaning behind every picture. It allows anyone to express moments in life in a more meaningful way through imagery.

And because this is your kind of art, you probably understand what all of the above means. If you are looking to improve your skills and passion for photography, these four types of advice are great foundations worth studying.

Planning Is Everything

When you start as a photographer, you must plan everything. Having a smooth flow in every session will make things a lot easier, especially if you are taking in clients. Planning will give them an excellent first impression of you.

There are different types of clients that you will inevitably encounter. No matter their personalities, showing this kind of professionalism will mean to them that you are serious and dedicated to what you do.

Another good idea to include in your planning is to do a little recce, meaning, if you can visit the location of your Photoshoot before the actual date, then do it: Implementing this will give you essential insights about what are the best angles and viewpoints you can possibly include during the photoshoot.

Taking the time to view the location beforehand will also give you an idea of where the sunrise and sunset will be. This will provide you with a more compelling idea about where the best areas for good lighting are and what particular places suit the client’s theme best.

Doing simple planning goes a long way; this does not only help satisfy the feelings of the clients, it also gives you that feeling of confidence once your plans are successful.

Proper Holding Of Camera

Other essential basics in developing your photography skill are to learn how to hold the camera properly. This only will not help you make a good take, but it also increases the probability of taking the best of shots.

To give you some tips, an excellent way to do it is first to keep your elbows against your chest, next is position your left hand under the lens and not on the side, then slightly lean into the camera, while grasping it firmly against your forehead. Then take the shot while keeping your legs in an open position.

It may sound obvious, but this necessary skill is best practiced consistently. Many photographers do not hold their cameras the right way, consequently shaking their cameras unconsciously, thereby producing blurry images.

Lighting Is Key

Lighting is one of the fundamental keys to taking that right shot. It is one of the significant factors that enable you to create a successful image. Light is not just about the darkness or brightness of a picture. It also encompasses the luminosity, hue, vibrance, mood, tone, and the like.

In your photography journey, you must become familiar with the different lighting aspects that will give you different creative ideas and help you create the best-suited photo that aligns with your theme or the end goal of your project.

Create Good Rapport With Your Clients

One of the ideal skills a photographer should learn is creating a good rapport with their subject. It would be beneficial to engage in a conversation with them before, during, and after the photoshoot.

By creating a bond with them, this will guide and help you understand what kind of personality they have. This is so important because you will have a sort of grasp and understanding, what kind of photography skills that’s best suited for the client, that you should apply.

For example, after creating rapport with your client, you discover that they tend to be camera-shy. Now that you are aware of this, you already know what to do. For instance, you can ask them to breathe a few times deeply and make them think of something funny.

Making them breathe deeply, relaxes their muscles more, and making them think of anything funny removes the physical and mental tension. Doing this lessens the uneasiness they feel, making it manageable for them to follow your commands, and at the same time making it easier for you as well.

If you become adept in making your client comfortable and satisfied, this will help you to produce more clients just from referrals alone, thereby getting more gigs while honing more your skills.


Taking all of these fundamental factors into account and acting on them seriously will pave the way for your passion and career in photography to become successful.

Your passion in photography can be used in any industry. As long as you have a mindset that is always open to learning, a discipline to develop professionalism, and that burning passion that keeps the flame alive, your pursuit for success and fulfillment in photography becomes more achievable than you think.


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