4 Benefits of Improving Your Crawl Space

Feb 18, 2021 6:43 AM ET

iCrowdNewswire   Feb 18, 2021  1:43 AM ET

While crawl spaces are often looked at as supplemental space that can sometimes double as a good space for storage, they themselves have proven to be excellent opportunities to improve energy efficiency in the home. However, they are not always prepared in such a way, and it can take some minor renovations to maximize their potential.

The improvements that a renovated crawl space can make to a home extend its value, which in some cases can see a definite increase under the right conditions. Here are four benefits of improving your crawl space.

You Can Insulate it

Having a crawl space that has been properly insulated can improve the value of a house due to the increased energy efficiency that comes with it. A crawl space alone does not increase the value of a house, but an insulated crawl space that aids in keeping the heat in does.

There are different ways the crawl space can be insulated. The space itself may need to be insulated against the outside, but then furthermore, the entrance of the crawl space may require insulation to preserve the temperature of the rest of the house. With this, less heating will be needed to keep the rest of the house warm if less of it is escaping through the crawl space door.

Gain Back Moisture Control

Crawl spaces are prone to developing moisture problems, which can have adverse effects on not only the temperature of the house but also the health of its inhabitants. In addition to this, the damage itself can become damaged through the emergence of rot. Though the day-to-day appearance of moisture and mold can be controlled with a dehumidifier, the presence of such factors can be indicative of a more long-term issue.

In the event of such, waterproofing may be required to ensure a long-term fix to the crawl space, which can future proof it to make it a more reliable space going forward. To start benefiting from an improved and repaired crawl space yourself, businesses such as Helitech provide crawl space waterproofing services that include signs and details to look out for that may indicate the presence of problems that may require attention.

Secure the Structure of your Home

Some moisture issues within the crawl space that may require waterproofing may also be signs of structural damage that should be investigated. These can go hand-in-hand due to the low elevation of the crawl space and the presence of moisture, perhaps being related to the surrounding soil. The previously mentioned risk of rot that emerges through moisture problems can have a profoundly negative impact on the structure of the house in itself.

Enjoy Better Airflow

Ventilating crawl spaces is also an effective method of combating moisture issues, allowing a healthy airflow to help combat moisture issues and the series of symptoms that come with it. However, ventilation can also come with its own drawbacks; insects and pests may be given more access to the crawl space, for example. Despite this, the benefit of airflow that ventilation can bring benefits the entire house and should provide more positives than negatives.