4 Common Stages of Alcoholism that You Should Know

Aug 23, 2019 5:45 AM ET

Alcoholism is the most severe condition of alcohol abuse and involves the failure to manage drinking habit. It is also known as alcohol use disorder in which a person needs to consume alcohol, even though it has harmful effects on his life. An alcohol abuser does not know how or when to stop drinking alcohol. He spends a lot of time thinking about alcohol, and he cannot control his drinking habit, even if it causes severe health, work, home, or financial problems.

Moderate alcohol drinking does not generally cause any severe health problems, but if you increase the quantity, it may cause physical or psychological harm.

Stages of Alcoholism

If you are wondering what are the stages of alcoholism then you have come to the right place. We will help you to learn more about alcoholism and how AUD develop eventually.

As I have already mentioned, moderate drinking isn’t too much harmful. But when a person’s drinking habit gets out of control, he may find himself on the verge of destruction.

Knowing about symptoms of each stage of alcoholism may aid you in seeking help before your drinking habit turns into an addiction.

First Stage: Drinking Alcohol for Fun

Most people start to consume alcohol for experiments. They drink to impress their friends, and this stage is commonly seen in teenagers.

They don’t drink regularly, but they consume a large amount of alcohol at one time, which can cause serious health issues. Consuming a large amount of liquor at one time can be dangerous and even lead to mental disability or death.

Second Stage: Started to Drink Alcohol Regularly

After experiments, drinkers started to consume alcohol regularly. Instead of drinking once in a while at parties, you may find them drinking every weekend. They may begin to miss hangovers, family and friends get together, or routine work because of drinking. They may become increasingly irritable, arguing with friends, family, or spouse. And their physical health will begin to change due to drinking alcohol. You may lose or gain body weight, stomach bloating, and eye redness.

Third Stage: Uncontrolled Drinking Habit

In this stage, the signs and symptoms of alcohol abuse are apparent. In this stage, an alcohol abuser feels he cannot live a single minute without consuming alcohol. They may become more anxious and

depressed. They may start to feel sick from drinking alcohol but enjoy it too much. Many drinkers in this stage are more likely to experience troubles as a result of alcohol consumption.

Fourth and Final Stage: Addiction

The last stage of alcoholism is an addiction. At this stage, alcohol abusers no longer want to drink for pleasure, but it becomes their need. They physically crave the substance until they drink alcohol. They also become addicted to other drugs as well.

People with alcohol addiction often drink wherever and whenever they desire. Their compulsive behavior started to prominent. They don’t care about their career, job, and family. They depend on alcohol. Such people find peace and pleasure in drinking.

Every stage of alcoholism is problematic and dangerous. Drinking alcohol, in any way, is not safe for health. Early identification can prevent addiction and dependency, plus medical treatment like detoxifying the body is necessary for a new start. Group or individual therapy may also help in overcoming the drinking habit.

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