4 Strategic Team Building Ideas

Jan 10, 2019 10:36 AM ET

When you want your employees to get to know one another better so that they can work more cohesively as a group, one of the best ways to do this is to arrange a team building day. This can be either in or out of the office, and it can be any kind of activity – it doesn’t have to relate to the work you do on a day to day basis.


The end result of a successful team building day should be that everyone understands their colleagues a little more than they did at the start, knowing what their strengths and weaknesses are, which means that they can work together much more easily. Here are some ideas for your own team building day.

Try An Escape Room

To really test how well a group can work in a team, booking a session at escape rooms in Cincinnati can help hugely. Escape rooms are a lot of fun, but they also put people under (playful) pressure. When you try an escape room, you will effectively be locked in a space with your team, and you need to work together to find the clues to help you get out again within a set period of time. As you can see, when it comes to working as a team and bonding together, an escape room is the ideal option. As a bonus, you will be able to see what every individual’s strengths are, and use them within your work environment.

Be A Chef For The Day

The kitchen is a stressful place, but it is also a place where the right level of teamwork makes the entire process run so seamlessly that the customers will never know there was an issue. If you want to take this idea into your own business, why not have your employees work in a professional kitchen for the day? They can come away with some culinary skills that they didn’t have before, and they will also see just how good a result can be when everyone works together.

Cinema And Dinner

Sometimes it can be something truly simple that works best in terms of team building. Taking your employees out to see a movie and then for dinner can work really well. After the movie, they can discuss it over food, bonding and finding out more about one another. Everyone’s tastes will be different, and not everyone will have liked the movie as much as others, but that’s the fun part – you can all give your opinions and reasons behind them, strengthening everyone’s confidence and helping everyone to get a better idea about the people they work with.

Board Game Tournament

A board game tournament is easy to set up but it can cause a huge amount of fun and encourage a lot of team bonding. Everyone can bring their favorite game from home, and take it in turns to play until a champion is found. This can even be done during the work day, as people play when they are free – this means you don’t have to close the business down for the day in order for the team to bond better.

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