4 Ways to Create a Brand-New Life

Jul 27, 2020 7:15 AM ET

Sometimes in life there is a moment in time when everything changes, when you begin to see with new eyes and the veil is parted. We are going through that time of change and revelation now. With the pandemic sweeping the planet, the usual rules for how you make your way in the world are changing daily. We are staying at home, working from home and seeing our lives change as never before. Now, though, we have an opportunity to re-imagine how we could live and a chance to create a new, better existence even in these tenuous times.

Get the Education You Need to Succeed

One of the most important things you can do in life is to invest in yourself. When you attend college, you have the opportunity to take courses that will truly help you succeed in life. An undergraduate degree gives you the background and knowledge to get a great job working remotely or to start your own business. College can be expensive these days, so it helps to apply for all the scholarships and grants that are available. You can also take out private undergraduate student loans to help pay for the cost of your undergraduate degree. These loans are offered by banks, financial companies and credit unions.

Be Able to Work from Anywhere

The next step on your freedom plan is to look for work that can be done from anywhere. There is no need to live in a high-priced, crowded, virus-vulnerable city when you could be working from home and living on a couple of acres in the countryside. Alternatively, you could start a business that allows you to make money online. Savvy entrepreneurs offer online courses, unique products and consulting or training over the Internet. Having your own business allows you to forge your own path in life and you’ll love being your own boss too.

Buy Land and Live Off the Grid

If you have gotten the education you need and have your remote work or new business up and going, then you are ready to take a truly life-changing step. It’s time to look for and buy land in a less populated area and set up an off-grid homestead. With the right land, you can even grow a lot of your own food too. When you have your own land and you go off the grid, you are truly walking your own path and saving a huge amount on monthly bills at the same time. People lived this way successfully for centuries, so it is a proven path for existing in the world. By being more immersed in nature, you’ll find that your quality of life is much improved also.

Live in an Alternative Home

The next step to achieving true freedom in your life is to live in an alternative home. Somewhere along the line everyone decided that all houses had to be stick-built and you had to work your fingers to the bone to pay them off over 30 years. If you really stop to think about it, who would sign up for that? You need to break that rule and get an alternative house that truly benefits you. Make sure that the land you buy has minimal zoning requirements and will accommodate new forms of housing. You can then assemble and live in a tiny house, yurt or even a geodesic dome. You can get a dome and a beautiful yurt such as Mongolian ger and have two dwellings on the property. With platform, these two houses will cost you far less than $20,000 in total. You’ll be able to fully pay for these in less than two years and then you’ll have no more house or rent payments for years to come.


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