4 Ways to Stay Cool During the Summertime

Aug 27, 2019 1:45 PM ET

It’s August, and we are sliding towards the end of summer! And if you are reading this post, then it means that you have somehow managed to survive the sweltering summer wave and battle to stay hydrated. Well, congratulations! But we all know that the battle isn’t over yet, and we are still in a state of war with the heat. It simply means that there is still room to search for ways to keep yourself cool during the hot summer days and sweating nights. And of course we are talking about ways that wouldn’t further mount your already staggering electricity bills that have shaken your budget whole summer.

So, if you are looking to make your remaining summertime cool, breathable and less exhausting, then here are some magic tricks for you:


Repair Your Cooling Appliances:

We all know that nothing can beat the significance of an air conditioner during summers to stay cool. But little do we know that a poorly functioning air conditioner can be a blow to your electricity bills and the temperature of the whole house.

For instance, most of us don’t bother to change filters of our air conditioner for years, which results in air passage blockage and it works poorly. So, if you feel like living in a furnace despite running air conditioner than know that it’s time to repair your air conditioner. Call a professional air conditioning service to enhance working of your A.C. and get ready to stay cool despite remaining summer spell.

Cover Your Windows:

Curtains and blinds are not only to pull some décor antics in your home. They are also the best to protect your home from flooding with sun heat. So, if you are looking to stay cool this summer, then you should keep all the windows of your home covered. Well, if your house has many windows then it might be a bit expensive for you.

The good thing is that you can manage your finances by putting cheap window coverings at places which aren’t visited by guests. And put some beautiful curtains or blinds at places, like a living room or bedroom. Manage it as you want, but don’t skip it. You will see a huge difference in your house’s temperature by pulling this trick.

Take Some Refreshing Juices:

It is not easy to stay hydrated during summers. You get fed up of drinking the same tasteless, colorless and odorless liquid. Yes, I am talking about water. Obviously, you can’t drink water all the time. The best way is to add some flavors in your body hydration regimen. Drink fresh juices of seasonal fruits, lemon and peppermint combination also does magic. And cold peppermint tea is another refreshing punch while satisfying the caffeine intake desire as well.

Eat Light Food:

You must have seen that you start sweating more when you eat hot meal loaded with proteins and carbohydrates. The reason is that your body has to work extra hard to digest such food, which produces energy and you feel hot. So, always stay with minimal diet during summers that doesn’t require too much workout by your body for digestion. Eat boiled vegetables, fruit salads, and other such things to stay…yes, cool!

Pull these tips in your life to make your remaining summer a cool affair!

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