5 Craft Room Ideas for Small Spaces

Apr 2, 2020 9:35 PM ET

5 Craft Room Ideas for Small Spaces

When setting up your craft room in a small space such as a tiny spare bedroom or a closet, the biggest challenge is that of corralling all of your crafting supplies in an organized manner without compromising workspace. The following five organizational ideas will solve the dilemma and create a welcoming and inspiring space.

1. If your craft area is accessed through a doorway, install an organization rack that hangs on the inner side of the door. These wire racks present shelves of varying heights and are ideal for hugging clear containers of small art supplies, scrapbooking essentials and such gift-wrapping supplies as tags, bows, and other package embellishments.

2. Build your craft area vertically to utilize wall space. After painting the walls in a color that motivates as well as decorates, install open cubbies and shelves for stashing supplies. Matching canvas baskets that sit on the shelves can store things like markers or embroidery thread. Hang scissors, rolls of tape and other tools of your crafty trade on a painted pegboard. Slip multiple rolls of ribbon onto a wall-mounted paper towel holder.

3. Establish an area on the wall for communicating ideas and inspiration. Hang a decorative bulletin board with a latticed ribbon for holding magazine clippings, photos, and notes. Paint a section of wall space with chalkboard paint for jotting down project notes.

4. Overhead lighting will illuminate your workspace and be more space-efficient than tabletop lamps. Lighted ceiling fans perform double duty, keeping the area comfortable during warmer months.

5. To store all of your greeting card writing necessities in a neat and compact space, purchase a three-ring binder and a set of folders to insert in the rings. Accumulate cards over time as they catch your fancy and organize them into each folder by occasion where they will be available even for last-minute use. Use a binder pencil bag for housing postage stamps, envelope seals, address labels and pens. Keep a calendar page for each month in the binder to keep track of birthdays, anniversaries and life milestones.

These ideas will organize craft supplies and keep your work surface clear. The only items on the table will be those currently in use on the present project. Only by a chair, a wastebasket and perhaps a large wicker basket for holding rolls of fabric or wrapping paper will grace the floor. The reduction in chaotic clutter will free your senses to let your creative juices flow from one craft project to the next.

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