5 Crazy Features That Can Be Found In Premium Luxury Cars In Abu Dhabi

Sep 11, 2019 1:20 PM ET

When go to buy any luxurious car in Abu Dhabi, its various features or any add-ons are of such a class, that you are really surprised. And the height of luxury is that some of them come fitted with refrigerators. Seeing all this luxury you might have this fleeting thought, “Should I sell my car. Some of these features are listed below:

1. Refrigerators:

Well money certainly has the power to buy you such luxuries you had never even imagined having. Its really a luxury, something that adds to your comfort, having a supply of chilled drinks throughout your drive. Now you can have this luxury if you buy cars such as Rolls Royce-Phantom or Bentley.

2. Power Doors:

You won’t get this luxury if the car dealers sell any car to you because here we are not talking about power windows or steering, here they are power doors. Only luxury car manufacturers will give you the option to opt for a power door and the door will be closed with the push of a button. The more advanced models can detect if you are sitting in a car and then those doors close automatically.

3. Real Leather:

Another feature that we do not get in ordinary cars is that an ordinary car comes with synthetic leather while these luxury cars, though coming at a high price, come with authentic leather that is hand sewn. However to get an extra touch of luxury we have to spend between $1,000-3,000 for this value-addition. However these value-additions will enhance the durability and price of your car and you can cash your car easily.

4. Complete Picnic-Set:

Picnic is an out-door activity but won’t it be exciting if we can enjoy this activity indoors. Well its al a matter of being able to afford it but now some models are offering this wonderful feature. These models come with the option of folding picnic tables for

when you want to layout your favourite drinks or snacks. A full setup is offered by Bentley for its Bentayga, but it will cost the staggering amount of $27,500.

5. Privacy Curtains:

Being a celebrity or some political figure it’s really hard when you go out in the public. While it becomes difficult for you when you go to some public place even going about in your car is sure to stir up excitement and the News media is sure to follow you. And at such a moment you are really irritated at your lack of privacy. Well one step to avoid all this is to get custom made curtains when you buy a luxury car. This feature can be activated by a simple press of a button. To get this feature, especially companies like Bentley will charge you around $16,000 for this feature. Read car quotes

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