5 Must-Try Social Media Tactics To Engage Your Customers

Aug 11, 2020 10:25 AM ET

Social media provides an excellent platform to engage with your customers. However, it all comes down to how well you use it.

If you don’t understand your customers and create the kind of content that appeals to them, being on social media could be of no accord to your business. Follow AvaTrade on Twitter to know more about this.

Here are a few tips you could use, if you want to make the most out of social media:

Use the right hashtags

Your posts would be of no use if they are not found by your audience. This is where hashtags can help. Make a list of the popular hashtags that are relevant to your audience and industry. Try and use as many of these hashtags as possible every time you post content on social media. This will not only help you leverage the current market trends, it will also increase the visibility of your posts, making it a whole lot easier for your target audience to find you.

Encourage your followers to share your content

Publishing content on social media is all about reaching out to the maximum number of audience. This can only be achieved if your readers are sharing your content. Come up with live events and rewards that helps you encourage social media sharing. Make sure your customers type in their feedback and share their experiences.

Make sure your headlines are eye-catching enough to your audience

With the kind of busy schedules people lead today, it could be too high an expectation to hope that they will read your posts completely. This is why you would need an eye-catching headline that grabs the attention of your readers instantly. Make sure you use action verbs and keywords that make your posts accessible. Adopt simplicity in your writing and make sure your leads are strong.

Use a lot of visuals and videos

As they say, a picture is truly worth a thousand words. However, you need to make sure the images that you use are relevant to the posts that you publish. Use colorful images that capture attention every time you post. In fact videos too are the best ways to engage with your customers. Upload your videos directly to the platform that you are using instead of posting external links. This way your video will play automatically as soon as it reaches your target audience.

Listen and be responsive

Gone are those days when people were ready to wait for 24 hours for you to respond to their requests. In today’s world they expect immediate response. If you are not responding to the queries and responses of your users immediately, you will end up losing them. Be attentive to their responses and thank them every time they like or repost your posts. Remember – your customers are your best brand ambassadors.

Unless your audience knows who exactly you are, they won’t be ready to engage with you on social media. This is why you need to create and maintain that personal connection through your social media profile. Put up authentic pictures on social media and make sure you update them every once in a while.


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