5 Reasons You Should Buy High-Quality Used Lab Cabinets

Mar 29, 2023 7:00 PM ET

A typical laboratory cabinet is a storage system created for the purpose of preserving and storing laboratory tools, supplies and chemicals among other items. It is usually made from hard materials like steel, wood, and phenolic resin, etc., and built to have strong resistance against fire, chemical spillage, corrosion, and several other destructive agents.

Every laboratory needs a good durable lab cabinets. Therefore, it is necessary for you to inspect the materials used in the production of any lab cabinet you want to purchase. In this article, you’ll learn the qualities of and some of the basic reasons you should consider buying a high-quality pre-owned cabinet

How To Spot a High-Quality Pre-Owned Lab Cabinet

Finding a lab cabinets of great quality can sometimes pose a challenge, especially if you have no prior experience in purchasing furniture. However, here are some features to expect from a good product.

– Corrosion:

A high-quality lab cabinet shows no or very little evidence of rust.  A rusted cabinet will not have the same load-bearing capacity as a non-corroded cabinet.

– Composition:

A lab cabinet of high strength and resistance to corrosion and water penetrations is often built from high-resistance materials like steel and phenolic resin. to ensure close to maximum safety of the resources stored in and on it.

– Scratches and dents:

High-quality pre-owned lab cabinets have few scratches and dents.  Scratches provide intrusion point for the formation of rust.  At the least, the supplier should treat scratches to bare metal to prevent the formation of rust.  Treatments might include touch up painting these areas.

– Variety:

When searching for quality pre-owned lab furniture keep in mind that you will need a variety of cabinets to create your desired layout and function.  When designing a lab it is important to factor in the not only the layout of the lab furniture, but the intended use of each cabinet.  Cabinets are used to store a variety of items of different sizes, shapes, and chemical hazard.  Finding cabinets of the correct size, orientation, drawer and door configuration, chemical storage capacity, and height need to be considered.

Reasons To Consider Buying High-Quality Lab Cabinets 

– Cost Effectiveness:

Used or refurbished lab cabinets are generally 25-50% less expensive compared to the new cabinets.  This could help you save a lot of money while getting the value you need. 

– Durability: 

Most high-quality lab cabinets are produced from materials that enable them to withstand the test of time. A good quality used lab cabinet can prove to be more durable due to the fact that it has proven to be efficient and lasting in its previous use.

– Sustainability:

A high-quality base cabinets is multifunctional in use and durable at the same time. Pre-owned lab cabinets play a very important role in waste management since most of them are refurbished and restructured to fit the new needs of the buyers.

1. Lead time:  

The lead time for acquiring pre-owned lab cabinets is typically 2-4 weeks compared to 12-30 weeks for new cabinets.  The time savings could be a significant factor in deciding whether to purchase pre-owned cabinets vs new.

2. More for your Money:

Your budget for cabinetry may afford you only a portion of your desired layout thus limiting planned functionality in your lab.  Buying used with the same budget can buy you significantly more.

In A Wrap

Investing in great quality laboratory cabinets requires you to take deliberate steps towards getting the best out of what you can find. This involves assessing the durability, sustainability and storage capacity of what you need. Having all these qualities verified can guarantee that you’ll get a lab cabinet of great value.

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