5 Tested Tactics to Grow Your Instagram Reach for Your Small Business

Sep 5, 2019 1:25 PM ET

Would you believe me if I say Instagram is the easiest platform to grow your business reach?


I also used to think this way until I created my business account on Instagram and start exploring it. I was surprised to see the results.

Instagram is a visual marketing platform which allows uploading pictures with beautiful captions, hashtags, and locations. It also integrates your other social accounts like Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter.

So, if you choose to post only on Instagram, your posts can automatically reach on other accounts once you integrate it.

You’d be amazed to know that Instagram has more than 1 billion users and the engagement ratio of Instagram is higher as compared to other platforms.

That’s because people love the idea of snapping and writing with their smartphones. It persuades them to capture photos and upload them.

Storytelling in Instagram ads provided small businesses an edge to scale up their digital presence. With all these features it has become a great tool for small business, especially for ecommerce ones.

If you have a small business but don’t know how to use Instagram then take these small, tested steps to grow a bigger and relevant audience on IG.

  Show Consistency with your Posts

When you’ve created your business account successfully, don’t forget to start posting. Initiate with the introduction of your business; What is your business about? How do you help people? And what services do you provide?

You might have a website but a small introduction let the people know about you. One strong tactic to win your IG followers is to post frequently. Users show more engagement when they know you’re an active bird and keep them updated. So, post regularly but make sure the post is quality.


Storytelling is gaining traction with the flow of social media platforms. Businesses are using it to attract followers and grow their reputation. Your stories let you appear on top of your follower’s account. It’s the best way to grab their attention through powerful content.

Highlight the best features of your business, show a customer testimonial or put your best product forward and drive customer engagement to your business.

In addition, you can post videos or do live video streaming to get in touch with your audience. The power of visuals is great, especially when you’re focused to make money online.

  Research the Hashtags

Instagram allows for 30 hashtags maximum for each post. So, depending on the content of your post, research the hashtags and filter the one with huge traffic. You can also use tools likefocalmark or AutoHash to bring the relevant hashtags for the posts.

The power of hashtags is astounding. Your post can reach the right audience when you choose the right hashtags on IG.

Location tag is also a plus in gaining an audience for the posts, it exposes your business to a large audience and helps you grow.


Collaboration with other small businesses helps you to build a new audience for your business. Exchanging a shout post or stories with other influencers help in growing audience for your business. You can also pitch the relevant bloggers to call you out in their post.

Follow the brands that are the same as yours but not your competitors. Show engagement on their posts and see their interest turning towards you. Their audience can also interact with you when they see your active presence on other brands.

  Choose the Best Time to Post

You might have created your website and invest money on the best seo services but you can’t neglect the power of Instagram for businesses especially when you know the best time to post.

Every brand has its own time depending on the region they’re operating. Find out the time when your audience is more active on IG and post in that particular timing. By using your Instagram insights you can trap your followers in the timings when they are active the most. Learn it and post accordingly.

One Last Thing: Keep Tracking Your Progress

When you know how you’re performing, you can do better. On your every post, track the insights; profile visit, post reach, likes, and engagement. You’ll get to know which post is performing better.

By running analytics on each post, you can get ways to be more creative in crafting posts and writing captions. Also, keep eyeing how your competitors are influencing their audience, it will also give unique ideas for your IG business account.

Knowing all these powerful tactics to boost your IG following, what are your ways to boost your business through Instagram? Let’s continue the conversation in the comments below.

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