5 Tips to Create the Best Dynamic Banner

Jan 8, 2021 6:30 PM ET

iCrowdNewswire   Jan 8, 2021  1:30 PM ET


Banner ads are a dime a dozen. People don’t even think twice about them anymore. If you want a banner that grabs users’ attention, you need to go a step beyond. That’s where dynamic creative comes in. It’s a method of designing banners that are updated in real time and personalized to the user’s experience. There are all sorts of ways to design dynamic creative banner ads to promote your brand. Here are five tips to consider.

1 – Know Where to Place It. The most common placement for a banner is on the right side of the page, or across the top. These are where they’re most likely to be seen. However, that doesn’t always hold true. In fact, when we’re used to seeing banners in those places, it becomes easier to tune them out. Look at your site’s real estate. What area of the page are people clicking most? What areas are they looking at most? Those are the spots where your banners will be the most effective.

2 – Use Rich Media ads. A banner with a photo can be engaging, if that photo is related to your brand in some way. However, a photo is also static. A video or an animation is more likely to be effective in catching people’s attention. You can also use a game: something designed to get people not just to look at the banner, but to interact with it. Employing rich media like this will go a long way towards creating a dynamic banner.

3 – Don’t Be Too Intrusive. Your banner should be eye-catching, but it shouldn’t get in the way of the user’s experience. If it draws their attention toward it, it might compel them to click. However, if it covers part of the page they were browsing, is difficult to get rid of, or otherwise impedes what they were doing, it can turn people off of your brand.

4 – Choose Your Content Carefully. What sets a dynamic creative banner apart from a regular banner is its ability to change and adapt to the user’s experience. Look for creative ways to make use of this. For instance, you might include parameters that include the current weather in the user’s location, or the time of day, so that a banner displayed on a rainy evening looks different from one displayed on a sunny day. Including a bit of personalization in the banner can be helpful, but be careful. Some banners simply say things like, “Here are the best deals in !” This can be a bit jarring, for the user to see their specific location displayed. It can be a turn-off if not done properly. Make the personalization more subtle than that, and more thoughtful.

5 – Test. Before launching your banner, test it thoroughly to be sure it works the way it’s supposed to. If you have a video or animation, check to see that it plays properly. Make sure the different parameters collect and display their information the right way. Be sure the banner works for both mobile and desktop. There are few things worse than launching a banner, only for your audience to discover that it doesn’t work the way it’s supposed to. By testing and correcting problems in advance, you can avoid this hassle.

These are just a few of the ways you can create dynamic creative banner ads to promote your brand. Contact us to help you design a banner that’s right for your company!


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