5 Ways Internet Can Hurt Your Kids If Left Unmonitored

Sep 16, 2019 8:20 AM ET

Internet connects all computers around the world. Some of those computers offer services like Facebook and YouTube that we call websites. There are millions of them each serving its unique purpose of educating, entertaining, and socializing. Our kids are smarter than us thanks to so many learning opportunities brought by the technology. They are smart, but not wise. Smartness allows them to use the internet, but they don’t know how to keep themselves secure from online threats. Here I’ve shared five ways internet can threaten the safety of your child and what you can do about it.


Addiction to Screen

Internet is addictive. There are many online attractions that would catch the attention of your kids. Too much use of online services can cause addiction. Most common of all addictions is gaming. Spending too much time on the screen can significantly affect their health. They won’t get much time to go out, engage in physical activities, or socialize with other kids. This could also impact their future. It necessary for every kid to show interest in real life and people so they stay practical, healthy, and happy. Too much screen time is also known to cause depression and anxiety in young boys and girls.


Inferiority Complex

This problem is not just limited to young people. Anyone can get involved in inferiority complex using too much internet. People show off their lives online in a way how they desire, which isn’t actually real. For example, you will see everyone happy, successful, socializing, and beautiful on the internet. People who watch them find their lives miserable and useless leading them to complex. On the other hand, people who show off like this also get caught in inferiority complex or become delusional. This especially affects kids who can’t differentiate between reality and illusions. Most kids are very sensitive and feel they are not good enough.


Vulnerable to Pedophiles

There are more pedophiles online than most parents can imagine. They target young kids to get them to do stupid things and record them. This would include intimate images and videos that end up on the dark web where it is shared with entire pedophile community. These people, of course, don’t reveal their identity. They act like a good person and befriend young kids on social media platforms. It’s recommended to use a parental control application to monitor the activities of your children. Qustodio is one of the most popular software for this job. You can read this qustodio review to learn about its features and how it can help you.


Online Bullying

As school bullying wasn’t enough, now you have to protect your kids from online bullying. All kids communicate and socialize online, which makes it another place where there will be kids who bully and who get bullied. Either of which isn’t a good thing. These kids share different kind of content, including pictures and videos of each other. Young kids are sometimes mean and don’t consider the consequences of their actions. Some kids capture embarrassing pictures or videos of others and share them with everyone. In 2019, most of such content includes intimate photos and sex tapes.

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