6 Content Marketing Tactics to Increase Website Traffic and Brand Awareness

Apr 2, 2020 10:55 PM ET

Content marketing is the most ancient art of marketing. Though dozens of new marketing channels and methods have been introduced and replaced, content marketing never got out of fashion. It has evolved with time, but there have never been any replacements for it.

Even today, it’s one of the most effective and safe and marketing methods. However, you must understand its latest trends and how it works. Here are seven content marketing tactics that you should know in 2020 to increase your website traffic and brand awareness.

Use Audience Personas

An audience persona has all the attributes of potential customers. It would include details like the age, gender, and interest that help understand who you are creating content for. When you know who is going to read or watch your content, you would be able to create content that connects with him. Content must have the factor of personalization to convince the reader to make a decision. If you don’t connect to the reader, he won’t feel comfortable with what you have to offer and most likely leave the page without reading it.

Establish Key Point Indicators

A content marketer should know what works and what does not. You can create more engaging content that would also convince the reader to take a step further. Key point indicators are like pain points of your audience. Their use in the content ensures that the reader clicks on the link to visit your page and reads what you have to say. These KPIs are developed over time by recording the results of each effort. You start the first effort based on experience and common sense, and, after that, record the results you get from it. These results show you what changes you need to make.

Divide the Audience in Segments

You can’t create one generic piece of content that entertains all kinds of audiences. Even if you have an audience persona, one size fits all doesn’t work in content marketing. So you need to divide your audience into segments based on their differences. For example, one practice is to consider their stage in the buyer’s journey. You know who you are writing for, you should also know if he is already informed about a problem and solution or still at the awareness stage. This will allow you to target more relevant queries, come up with more attractive topics, and create more engaging content.

Guest Posting at Relevant Platforms

Guest posting is the best type of content marketing when you are looking to increase brand awareness and increasing website traffic. Best of all, a guest post also gets you a high-quality, relevant backlink that helps improve ranking on search engines. You get to reach your prospects through another platform and convey your message in a guest post.

It’s also an opportunity to present a good image of your brand and convert those viewers into leads. However, looking for relevant blogs and reaching out to them to request for a post is also a very time-consuming and tiring job. It’s best to acquire professional blog outreach services for this job while you focus on the things you are good at.

Keep Running A/B Tests

A/B Testing is a basic approach to see what works best. When you know what your audience wants, only then will you be able to develop and deliver it. All leading digital marketers use this technique. They gather the data and make their next strategies based on it. It’s also great practice to learn about the pain points of your potential customers and key performance indicators.

Looking for Right Content Gaps

Competitor analysis is crucial in marketing. It’s the first step of every new digital marketing campaign. While you are studying and copying what worked for your competitors, also look for what they missed. If you find something that your customers would like, but none of your competitors have done, that’s a gap leading you to fast success. Writing for the same keywords and topics as others mean you have to outrank them before you can get many results. You need not worry about that when filling a content gap.

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