6 Outdoor Bins That Can Help You Keep Your Outdoor Space Neat & Tidy

Jan 11, 2021 6:12 AM ET

iCrowdNewswire   Jan 11, 2021  1:12 AM ET

Have you ever walked into your garage, garden, or outdoor space thinking you need more space? Organizing can help you free more space up. In turn, your outdoor space won’t feel cramped up. You can easily use outdoor storage bins to help you tidy up your garden, lawn, porch, or garage spaces.

What outdoor storage bin should you use? These outdoor storage bins may help you organize and free more space up. But there’s always one storage bin that is most applicable to your outdoor space. Here’s a list of our favorite outdoor storage bins. Try to see which one best matches your needs and preferences!

1. Keter Marvel Plus Outdoor Storage Box (71 Gallon)

Getting an outdoor storage bin that can hold up to 71 gallons of storage should be ideal in freeing more outdoor space. This outdoor storage bin from Keter also features a wood-like waterproof finish. It can fit perfectly in your porch, lawn, garage, or other outdoor spaces.

The beauty of this 71-gallon outdoor storage bin from Keter is that it can also serve as a bench. In turn, you can use this as extra seating on your porch when you want to socialize with family or friends in your outdoor space. It’s highly durable, and the materials aren’t susceptible to dents, rusting, or peeling.

2. Keter City Resin Deck Box (30 Gallon)

The next outdoor storage bin is still from Keter. But, unlike the previous one, this storage bin can only hold up to 30 gallons. Not everyone has a spacious porch or patio that can hold up a 70-gallon storage bin. In turn, you can get this storage bin to fit tight spaces while still providing the same storage functionality.

It’s not as big as the 70-Gallon storage bin, but it can still serve as a seating alternative. This 30-gallon outdoor storage bin can seat any person up to 220 lbs. It’s also a snug little box, making it easy to place on any corner of your outdoor space. This storage bin is as simple as it gets!

3. Suncast Resin Wicker Patio Storage Container (99 Gallon)

The Suncast 99 Gallon patio outdoor storage bin should be perfect for those who are in the market for a large outdoor storage box. It’s also waterproof, allowing you to place it in any outdoor space. The materials of this 99-gallon storage bin are made of poly-resin construction. In turn, it won’t rust, nor will water penetrate whatever you store inside.

This outdoor storage bin is perfect for those who need storage bins by the pool. Of course, you can use it to store your gardening tools, too. Whichever purpose you use it for, it’s going to give you storage space in all seasons. The lid even opens up seamlessly to allow easy access.

4. Lifetime 130 Gallon Extra Large Deck Box 60012

This outdoor storage box from Lifetime has a storage capacity bigger than the storage bins mentioned above. This storage bin should fit you well if you need to store things that can take up a lot of space. In turn, you can place this storage box near your garden or gardening shed.

You can surely store anything from gardening tools, water hoses, and even swimming accessories and cushions. With a 130-gallon storage capacity, you can store any large items and prevent them from cluttering your outdoor space. Of course, this storage bin is water and rust-resistant. You’d even get a 10-year warranty if you purchase one today.

5. Rubbermaid Small Horizontal Resin

Finding an outdoor storage bin that opens up horizontally isn’t easy to find. You rarely find one that can withstand the weather conditions outside. But Rubbermaid’s horizontal resin has the qualities that other storage bins do not. It opens up horizontally, and it’s durable enough to withstand outdoor conditions.

It’s a small resin with a cabinet-style orientation. In turn, this outdoor storage bin fits any garage, shed, or gardening nook perfectly. This outdoor storage box isn’t susceptible to rusting, plus it is leak and dent-resistant. It’s a no-brainer option that can help you organize your outdoor space.

6. Cleverstore Clear 95 QT Stackable Large Storage Containers From Rubbermaid

If the outdoor storage bins above don’t fit your budget, then the clear and stackable storage boxes from Rubbermaid are perfect for you. You’d get the same storage solutions that can help you organize your outdoor space. And you can stack this 4-pack container together to avoid taking up any floor space.

It goes for under $100, which is an incredibly cost-efficient alternative for storage bins. These all-clear storage boxes are perfect for storing cushions, gear, tools, and many more!


These outdoor storage bins are your quick-solution to organizing your outdoor space. Subsequently, these storage bins are made of materials that can fully withstand the conditions outside. In turn, you can effectively store anything inside without worrying about rust, water, and other unwanted circumstances. Get the one that matches your needs and budget today!