6 Reasons Use Procreate Design App for Designers

Sep 10, 2019 10:35 AM ET

Procreate app have their own charm and personality among the designers. Each time you might be willing to try something new or different they would bring you back to themselves. It is because they are very easy to use, they have so brilliant quality and a lot of them are available for free. These procreate designs can be of great assistance for the new designers and help them to boost their silks and creativity. New designers have a lot of ideas but do not have a structure so these free procreate brushes help them to provide a structure to their work. Procreate brushes can be used for various purposes such as painting, sketching, lettering, calligraphy and brush strokes.


Promotional reasons

There are some procreate brushes mainly for the reason of the promotion, either the designer wants to establish his name in the field or he or she is waiting for their designs to become popular and then maybe they add a cost to it.

Or it can also be another way around that the design was available for a certain cost from a long period of time and now, therefore, it is decided that the cost would be removed so everyone can use those amazing brushes.


The other reason could be that these brushes although popular and appreciated in the market would have been outshined by the other new designs available in the market. Thus the designer makes it available for free.


Occasional purposes

As most of the advantages are available to subscribers or to the people who pay for the designs, in such a situation the young designers may be left behind as they might not have enough money at initial stages.

So what generally these sites do is that on new year or on maybe say that on the last post of the year, they will give you brushes for procreate app. Also, maybe in some festive seasons for a certain period of time these brushes are available for free. You have to wait for the opportunity and grab it.


Anniversary of website:

Every designer or user prefers some of the websites they always remain fixed to, in such a case they would know when is the site’s anniversary, etc. This is a plus point because it has been seen as a sharing gratitude to their follower’s support and the website producers might make a few designs free for the one- subscribers.  This is also a kind of promotional activity to attract users from other websites and also to retain the customers.

Whatsoever the reason maybe, you should definitely be benefited as a customer. So be ready to get your hands on these procreate brushes.


Presenting the artist in front of you:

As I said earlier that you can get procreate brushes in case a designerwants to promote itself. If you look around there are a number of designers who post their brushes online and there is ahuge competition, one might be familiar with their design and really appreciate it, there are very few people who remember the designer. Also only a few designers remain at the top, whose name the general public is associated with. So it could be a move of the designer or producer to make himself or herself standing in the crowd of all those top designers.


Having an own website and designs:

If a new website has been launched where the designer puts his or her own designs, it is very likely that here you will get free procreate brushes. As the people are not acquainted with their site, they would try to bring people to them and therefore would give brushes for free.


A wrong notion:

It is not that the free procreates brushes are not of good quality. They are good as any other set available on the website. It might be a possibility that the producer wishes to assist the beginners and has given a certain pack for free. Not all the packs of a designer are free.



So, just wait for the right time and grab the appropriate opportunity which is available all around the year. It’s whole new world of creativity out there!

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