6 Things to Consider Choosing a Reliable Resume Writing Service

Nov 4, 2020 10:37 AM ET

iCrowdNewswire   Nov 4, 20205:37 AM ET

Have you just begun your quest for a resume writing service or thinking about hiring a freelance resume writer? Either way, welcome to the journey!

Whether you have just come up with the decision to simply refresh your resume or create a completely new one, it can become a very stressful task on your way to job-search success.

Sometimes, getting a degree and finding the right career are two entirely distinct points in one’s life path. Actually, that’s why numerous job seekers come up with the option of hiring a resume writer. Unfortunately, they don’t always choose the good one.

So, which questions should you ask yourself to recognize the company worth your time and money?

1. Does the website of the chosen service look professional?

A professionally-looking website is a sort of indicator telling 21st-century users two things about the company. First, it means that the company has enough money to invest in website development. Second, a good site implies a smoothly functioning technical side of the process, which is an important determinant of your final customer satisfaction as well.

If they cannot build an efficient web site and highlight their competitive strengths, how can they do the same for someone else’s resume?

2. What do other users say?

It is also worth to take your time monitoring reviews of other customers available on the web. But remember to choose sites that will provide you with argumentative unbiased feedback. For instance, you may get started with a Trustpilot – up to date, it contains more than 71 million reviews of more than 320 thousand websites reviewed in total. Sounds a bit more reliable than a Twitter post, doesn’t it?

You may be shocked by a wealth of information regarding previous client experiences with you can find if you fill the search stroke with a company name and the words like ‘reviews’, ‘complaints’, etc. This simple research will help you separate top resume writing businesses from organizations that don’t employ certified writers.

3. Do they have reasonable prices?

As a career expert from the best resume writing service said: “The cost for professional resume services will vary depending on factors like industry, years of experience, and what services you will be offered in addition to resume writing. A cheap resume is usually a waste of money; on the other hand, expensive service is not a grant for the best quality. Plus, getting some job-search assistance shouldn’t deplete your bank account.”

For this reason, we advise you to take a cautious approach to the choice. In other words, evaluate resume writing service’s experience and its average product quality along with the price policy.

 4. Will you be assigned a knowledgeable about your field or industry writer?

Labor market trends confirm that a well-written resume is a blueprint for creating the first positive impression on your potential employer. It also increases your chance to be invited to person-to-person interviews, so it’s vital to hire professionals remotely to make your resume stand out.

At the same time, because you are a neurosurgeon doesn’t mean that your resume must be written by somebody with the same educational background. This means that your writer isn’t obliged to have extensive expertise in your field or industry.

Professional writers can write for anyone; nonetheless, finding the one with the correlated degree is one way of narrowing your ‘perfect-writer search’ down.

5. Do they have unique resume samples?

Take it for granted: a loyal service will display resume samples on their website and make them available for any user in several clicks. Check out their samples for quality, but besides, you should also look for diversification. If every resume looks similar and there are no targeted resume samples, the service is likely to provide resumes generated from a template. It also suggests your resume will be far from unique.

Another tip is to make sure the samples meet your tastes. If you don’t like the samples, you obviously won’t be pleased with the final resume you will get.

6. Does the service provide any guarantees?

To keep on the safe side, ask if the company guarantees your satisfaction with the final product, what type of warranty does it offer, and how many times you can ask for revision. On average, services provide up to 3 resume writing drafts you need to choose from. Others give you one sample but will be ready to revise it until they make a perfect match to your wants. Such promises may sound convincing, but many of them have nothing to do with the real world.

The recipe to avoid being misled is merely simple: always read the fine print and know what you sign. Plus, keep in mind that the resume writing service deserving your attention should have some type of legitimate credentials verifying its level of competency.

All in all, there is a lot of things to consider before you choose the company to work with. The quick hints we have discussed above are not the guarantee of getting a resume that will satisfy your needs and career goals. But they will probably help you to distinguish rather-reliable companies from the ones you shouldn’t deal with.