7 BEST Practices to run a Perfect Online Meeting

Dec 8, 2020 12:09 PM ET

iCrowdNewswire   Dec 8, 2020  7:09 AM ET

What made several professionals come together in these difficult times of the Covid-19 pandemic is VIRTUAL MEETINGS.

These effective mediums brought back the liveliness of working in the workplace. Yet, sometimes it can end up boring the employees.

On the flip side, there are certain challenges like technical glitches to overcome in these kinds of meetings.

So, it is essential to stand in good stead to optimize your online meeting software and your interaction using the best practices underlined in this article.

  • Set the Virtual Meeting norms

It would be better to follow specific rules and standards to proceed with the meeting smoothly.

Some of them are

  1. Ensuring the online meeting software is accessible by everyone in the team.
  2. Avoiding multitasking during the meeting.
  3. Providing a chance to each person in a particular order.
  4. Mute your call when you don’t speak.
  • Assign a facilitator

It is more tedious to manage a virtual meeting than an in-office session. Consequently, assigning one person to facilitate the conversation is sufficient.

A facilitator can also use a polling system in the online meeting software to ask questions and get answers.

Besides, this person can go to an individual to resolve doubts about using the online meeting software.

  • Plan the structure of the meeting

As a meeting organizer, you can set the goals and objectives of the virtual meeting.

Prepare a list of things needed to be addressed and discussed prior to the meeting so that during the meeting, you can share them with all easily.

This documentation will help you in reporting the minutes of the meeting to your higher officials.

  • Create a peaceful environment before the meeting starts

A peaceful environment makes everyone pleasant and allows hearing what others say clearly. Well, this can be achieved on the condition when everyone on the call cooperates.

Besides, it is more effective to understand other people’s facial expressions and body language if all sit at an appropriate distance from the web camera.

At the start of any virtual meeting, it feels awkward for many people to establish an interpersonal relationship, begin with casual talks and make them feel comfortable.

  • Include Audio Dial-in option

Video conferencing works best for any virtual meeting. However, the downside is it solely depends on the strong network connection.

People who face glitches in connecting over video can utilize the audio option in the online meeting software.

So, providing this facility will assure their presence in the meeting.

  • Lessen the Presentation Length

A lengthy presentation sucks the interest of the team members attending it virtually. Therefore, it is ideal for minimizing the length and talking about the gist of the presentation.

In case anybody needs to present, they can use the screen sharing facility available in most online meeting software to make sure everyone is on the same page.

For example, Adobe Connect, one of the popular online meeting software, has whiteboard features to draw and write and present any presentation, just like in an office meeting.

  • Welcome Feedback

To organize a better virtual meeting, you require feedback from all the employees who attended it.

Eventually, you can improve the online meeting software you used, enhance the meeting’s content, and solve all the problems they faced in this meeting skillfully.

Most online meeting software has features like brainstorming and real-time analytics to get feedback and analyze it.


For bringing out each employee’s best work in these uncertain times, the virtual meeting serves as a great solution. However, constant tweaking and enhancement are needed whenever you use online meeting software.

There is always room for improvement. So, make changes in the format to idealize the correct one for your team.