7 Best SUV’s In UAE

Sep 16, 2019 7:20 AM ET

The Land Rover Discovery would be everyone’s first recommendation if we want to buy a solid seven-seat car in the UAE. It’s really fast, has a quiet and comfortable interior and is very practical. But the problem is that all this loveliness comes with a price because its starting price is AED250,000.

Some of the top picks of SUV’s in UAE are listed below. Though when in addition to the style and luxury they are not too heavy on the pocket then this is an added bonus.

Kia Sorento:

The first one in the list is Kia Sorento which although not something to be extremely excited about gives you a reasonable amount of refinement and comfort. Its a pretty good purchase and even with all the added options is reasonably priced.

Mitsubishi Pajero:

Although it can be seen throughout UAE but there’s a reason. Even though it is not the ultimate in luxury and style but it has enough room, has some style and gives you a good drive in deserts and mountainous terrains. The price for the three-door model of the car starts at AED 94,395 and those for a five-door model are obviously a bit high. Still the price is reasonable for the car it is.

M.C Acadia:

The GMC Acadia is a good looking family car. It’s a 7-seater and has a whole lot of tech in it. There are five USB ports for charging devices on long journeys and a 230-volt power outlet. With its active noise cancellation device it’s a perfect car for travelling with kids.

Nissan Pathfinder:

This seven-seat family car from Nissan has proven largely popular off-road. It’s a very spacious car and comes loaded with tech. Even the most basic model comes with a large number of devices. Car news


Toyota Fortuner:

Though not as glamorous as the Prado or Land Cruiser, the redesign of this car comes with a much better interior and exterior styling. With its light weight it’s the perfect car for driving in deserts and comes with proper off-road functions. This 7-seater has some of the latest Toyota in-car tech. It can be bought at AED114,900 get car quotes.

Chevrolet Tahoe:

This is a perfect car to make driving with kids more relaxing. In addition to being spacious it comes with loads of tech and many small, practical details which make your life a lot easier. It comes at a price of AED167,500.

Toyota Land-Cruiser Prado:

This seven-seater is the favourite car of UAE. It has a light cabin with a good infotainment system and loads of other nice touches. With a lot of terrain-response features it’s the perfect car for travelling in deserts and rough terrains. Its price ranges from AED129,900-200,000. On the road also you will find it quiet, comfortable and refined.

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