7 Day Prayer Miracle Review – Is Amanda Ross Program Really Worthy?

Oct 19, 2020 6:42 AM ET

Oct 19, 2020 2:42 AM ET
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Do you believe that prayers work? What are your beliefs when it comes to praying for a miracle? Prayer is not a new phenomenon as human beings have sought divine help from a higher power through prayers for centuries.

Most people think of prayer as a channel where they can ask their deity for needs and wants rather than an avenue to show their gratitude for the blessings they already possess.

The 7 Day Prayer Miracle is here to make it easy for you to connect to your divine being while being grateful and remaining positive through prayer.

Purpose of Prayer today

It’s no secret that we live in a world where people have different beliefs that have many times brought people together or caused a division altogether. Human beings are not perfect and are limited in a lot of ways. That’s why people turn to prayer to try and make sense of the unexplainable by believing in something or someone more powerful than themselves.

People have committed to prayers when making life-changing decisions or even when hoping for miracles in their lives. Many have also testified on how prayers have miraculously helped them from difficult situations or led them to live their best lives.

Studies show that 55% of Americans pray daily. This number has no doubt increased in 2020, where people’s lives have changed profoundly in more ways than one.

A simple prayer is sometimes all that you need to help God know your heart’s desire or give you the peace of mind you have been yearning for. 7 Day Prayer Miracle will help maintain a positive attitude and emotion while praying for that miracle.


All about 7 Day Prayer Miracle

You have probably sought out a prayer to calm or quiet your mind during a situation or just needed someone to hear you out. During this state of positivity, your mind welcomes manifestation in various ways, including blessings.

7 Day Prayer Miracle is a program that contains techniques that have helped millions of people learn how to pray and will encourage you to have positive vibrations to turn your life around. The program will help understand the law of attraction and how you can use that knowledge to manifest miracles at will.

You have heard it said that you attract what you are. Being positive creates a room where only positive things are bound to happen. Your mind will subconsciously work to bring your manifestations into reality.

Amanda Ross, the author of the 7 Day Prayer Miracle, created the program after a prayer from prophet Daniel got her through one of the most painful times of her life. She made the prayer her mantra after her husband went into a coma, and they could no longer pay their debts.

Through this prayer, Amanda was able to welcome a miracle into her life. She felt that the world deserved to have a piece of this masterpiece that is bound to transform their lives.

What is a prayer without spiritual guidance? The 7 Day Prayer Miracle focuses on the spiritual faith that will aid you to find the peace and solace that you need in your life.

What are the contents of 7 Day Prayer Miracle?

The program will help understand the meaning of prayer and how to incorporate it into your daily life. It contains easily adaptable methods and techniques that you will be required to follow throughout your prayer Journey.

7 Day Prayer Miracle contains over 30,000 wisdom words mingled together to provide you with the step by step guidelines on how you can pray as Amanda did and experience miracles.

  • 7-day prayer journal: The journal will enable you grab Heaven’s attention in 7 days. It’s available in PDF version.
  • A song of Shifts: You will receive an Mp3 file of angelic music that you can play while in prayer to help you reach the theta state of mind.
  • Divine Hearing: The program will help decode messages from the angels.
  • Divine Numbers: You will receive techniques that will guide you in interpreting sequences of numbers like 11:11.
  • Daniels Prayer: The program comes with a reprint of the biblical prayer from Prophet Daniel, which is the basis of any effective prayer.

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How does the 7 Day Prayer Miracle work?

During prayer, your mind and soul go through a meditative state that brings about optimal healing, which helps you to manifest a gratifying life away from problems and the stress of life.

While in this state, you are encouraged to repress all negative vibrations to allow you to be clear on what you need and attract all the good things in life.

The human brain will often welcome negative thoughts and vibrations as a defense mechanism. You are more likely to be anxious, scared, and even depressed during this time. That is why you may need positive thoughts and attitudes while praying to help you stay focused and encouraged that a good thing will happen in your life.

The 7 Day Prayer Miracle program contains prayers that will help maintain positive vibes and attitude during prayers and other areas in your life.

How to Use 7 Day Prayer Miracle

The program does not require you to be a master at praying as it contains steps and guidelines that will aid you with clarity in your intentions while in prayer.

Many have grown cold towards their God and have forgotten how to get close to him through prayer. The program will help change their lives by learning how to pray and tapping into their positive attitudes to manifest miracles in their lives.

The program is to be followed religiously for 7 days by people who have faith and believe that everything is possible with prayer. 


Benefits of 7 Day Prayer Miracle

  • 7 Day Prayer Miracle will provide the techniques you will need to be more aware of your feelings and environment. It offers you step by step guidelines on how you can achieve positive thinking while heading into prayer.
  • The program will establish proper skills in you that will inhibit you from self-sabotaging behavior that prevents you from making an effective prayer.
  • The program will help clear your mind from the daily garbage and lose focus. You will be able to create a clear path and connection to the heavens.
  • You will be able to decode messages received through prayer as your mind and soul will have entered the spiritual territory.
  • You will experience changes in your life that are irreversible.

Purchase and Price of 7 Day Prayer Miracle

7 Day Prayer Miracle program is currently on offer at 95% off. The program is available at $27 on digital download.

The program comes with a free trial bonus ‘Daily Blessings’, which is optional. If you decide to subscribe to the member program, you will receive the bonus journal for free today and pay a total cost of $37 each month for every new issue should you choose to remain as a member of the program.

Money-Back Guarantee of 7 Day Prayer Miracle

You will get a 100% money-back guarantee on the program. Should you not be satisfied with the contents of the program, you will be required to contact the company within 60 days for a full refund.


  • Reliable
  • Affordable
  • Comes with special bonuses
  • Easy to follow guidelines


  • Officially purchased from the company’s website
  • Will only work for people who believe in the power of prayer


Does the 7 Day Prayer Miracle program work for non-believers?

While not everyone will believe in the power of prayers, the book contains natural techniques that will help get rid of negative thoughts in your life that are making you unhappy.

How can I contact the company that manufactures 7 Day Prayer Miracle?

If you have any queries or concerns, you can contact the customer service team on the numbers provided on the official website.

Customers Testimonials

I have tried out many programs, but haven’t come across one that connected me spiritually like the 7 Day Prayer Miracle program“. Bailey C.

“The 7 Day Prayer Miracle has brought about a change in my outlook on life and how I handle stressful situations in my everyday life. I have become calmer, and my soul is always at peace. I highly recommend the program to anyone who feels stuck in life”. Cheryl G. 

“My thoughts have become slowly aligned with positive vibrations, and I can honestly say that my life is taking the right direction after following the guidelines outlined in the 7 Day Prayer Miracle “. Maureen W.


The average American will typically pray for at least 8 minutes every day. With the 7 Day Prayer Miracle, you will be able to cultivate the right feelings and vibrations that may ultimately prolong the time you take in prayer as you will become more attuned with your environment and speak miracles into existence.

Prayer has become part of a daily routine for most people. However, the time it takes one to be in it may vary due to distractions and loss of focus. Get yourself the 7 Day Prayer Miracle, the unique program that is guaranteed to connect you directly with the heavens and unleash the blessings that await you.