7 Ways To Make Your Business More Environmentally-Friendly

Dec 27, 2019 5:35 PM ET

Environmental impact is something that every business needs to consider in today’s day and age. There is constant media attention on the damage being done to the environment with lots of blame being placed on businesses. While it is true that some industries are worse than others, it is the responsibility of every business owner to look at their operation and identify ways in which they could reduce their impact. It is when everyone makes the effort that progress is made and there are lots of different ways that a business can become more environmentally-friendly. Read on to find out more.



Remote Working


One way to be more energy efficient is to allow remote working. This means that your employees are not using up energy at the company each day, plus it also reduces the need for them to commute to work each day. Remote working can also bring a whole host of other benefits which makes it a great option for business owners.


Use Energy-Efficient Appliances


Businesses in all industries rely heavily on all kinds of appliances, machinery, and equipment and this is usually unavoidable. You can usually find energy-efficient appliances, though, which can reduce your energy consumption which will also help to lower your utility bill each month.


Use A Recycling Baler


Recycling balers are a smart purchase for any business owner because they can make it quick and easy to manage your recycling process. These machines compress recyclable materials into a small, tight block which can then be much easier to recycle than lots of smaller individual items.   


Start A Carpool


A carpool can be a smart way to reduce environmental impact because it stops as many people driving into the office each day – this will be particularly effective if someone has an electric car. Alternatively, you should encourage staff to walk or cycle into work if possible.


Use Alternative Energy


Switching to alternative energy is an excellent way to be more environmentally-friendly while also reducing your energy bill. It can cost some money upfront, but it allows you to make huge savings in the long-term while also giving you peace of mind knowing that you are making a big difference to your environmental impact.


Switch Suppliers


You should also think about what other businesses you use to supply you with goods. Ideally, this will be a local and sustainable business that can help to reduce your environmental impact. Sourcing goods and services from the local area which are produced in a sustainable manner can also help to create the right workplace culture while also supporting the local economy.


Second-Hand Furniture


When the time comes to replace your office furniture, it is more environmentally-friendly to purchase second-hand furniture as opposed to buying new. This is because so much office furniture and equipment goes to landfill when often it still works perfectly fine and could be used in any office.


Hopefully this post will inspire you to make positive changes to your company’s business operation so that you can reduce your impact and help the fight on environmental damage.

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