8 Problems Associated With Conventional Gas Furnaces in Sparks

Aug 4, 2020 2:25 PM ET

A conventional gas furnace works by taking in cold air from the atmosphere and passing it through the air filter for removal of impurities. It then goes through a heating process with the aid of a heat exchanger then it gets blown through the air ducts for your comfort. The process is continuous, and when it attains your desired levels, you switch it off using the electrical ignition. Day to day operations makes these devices prone to the below types of malfunctions.

Faulty Thermostat

One reason why your furnace could not be heating air as expected is because of a faulty thermostat. It can switch the device on and off, thus fluctuating the temperatures in the house. You have to make Gas furnace repair sparks or replacements, and it has to be the exact match to the existing type. Otherwise, the problem will reoccur.

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Clogged Air Filter

A clogged air filter strains the furnace such that it has to work harder to heat and distribute the air. It is essential to change it frequently to avoid inconveniences. Overlooking will result in substantial damages as the problem will transfer to the limit switch, which regulates the blower.

Blower Running Continuously

Another problem that you are likely to experience is the continuous running of the blower. First, it produces an irritating noise and then ends up consuming so much electricity. The main reason for this problem could be that it is spoilt. Also, it may be because someone interfered with the standard thermostat settings.

Noise Production

Conventional furnaces are supposed to work quietly, and you should only experience the warm air. However, if it starts producing noises, the chances are that there is an underlying problem. It could be dirt that can get rectified through expert cleaning or maybe a mechanical issue. The dust can build up on the burners, thus reducing the rate at which air flows. Insulating the ductwork can be a temporary solution to the problem.

Blowing Of Cold Air

Typically, a furnace is supposed to take in cold air then blow it out when it is much warmer. However, on other occasions, it could blow out purely cold air. When you start experiencing such, just check on the electric ignition. Also, it could be due to a failure of the pilot light.

No Air

When your furnace fails to blow air at all, the display inspection window will have a red light. It is an indication of blower failure; thus, you have to look for help immediately.

Furnace Overheating

The heating of air is supposed to happen consistently. However, when you discover the furnace is overheating, immediately you should switch it off.

Gas Emission

Another critical problem associated with furnaces is the emission of gas. It is a dangerous situation that can escalate and become worse if you don’t take precautions. Once you notice, open all the windows then leave the house.

Furnace problems are quite reasonable, and a well-trained specialist can help to restore them to normal functioning. Call for help immediately once you notice any sign.


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