8 Tips for Creating a Unique Topic for Your Essay

Nov 24, 2020 4:47 PM ET

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You are probably squealing at the thought of choosing a topic for your essay. You keep telling yourself, “I’m going to nail this.” You think that because it’s your choice, you have an automatic pass to putting a great essay out there. After the excitement, the work comes and that’s when it dawns on you.

Even for pro essay writers, choosing an appropriate topic can be hard. You may be tempted to try getting an idea or two from all aspects of your knowledge base. But if you are ever going to succeed as an essay writer, you will have to relax and choose an appropriate topic.

When choosing a topic, you should opt for something that isn’t too complicated, doesn’t require a lot of research on your part, and a topic that also makes it easy for you to meet the deadline.

The topic you choose must be catchy, embody your point and pass across a strong message to the reader. It could be a question, an answer, or a thought-provoking sentence.

This article outlines tips on how to pick topics for different kinds of essays.

Argumentative Essay

The goal of an argumentative essay is to convince your reader of your point of view on an issue. This is a type of essay that you will have to deal with many times as a student in college. To choose a topic for this type of essay:

1.   Select a topic on something you already have an opinion on

It’s easier to do this because it doesn’t call for a lot of research. You already know about this subject. thus making it an easier thing to convince others of. When you write an argumentative essay on something you know nothing of, it won’t be convincing as you will struggle to convince yourself while still trying to convince your reader. So, for a more compelling argument, you should write about things you already know.

2.   Be persuasive

The essence of an argumentative essay is to pass across your point and win people over to your side. You have to convince your reader that what you know is right. So when choosing a topic, choose one that will be easy for you to pass across your points in a very convincing manner.

During delivery, sound sure without sounding cocky. Even as college essay writers, you need to write like authorities on the subject – people only listen to authority. Use words that tell the users you are insistent on your point of view rather than words that make you seem unsure.

Expository Essay

The essence of an expository essay is to discuss a topic in a logical, straightforward manner without biases. Your topic should have logical conclusions in your head, even before you start writing. To choose a topic when writing this kind of essay, you have to:

1.   Write on something that you have in-depth knowledge of

It’s an essay that requires you to discuss something logically. You should pick a topic that you are not very passionate about but know of. This is because emotions are not necessary for this kind of essay, deep-seated knowledge is the top priority.

2.   Be specific

Don’t choose an ambiguous topic. The idea is for you to avoid any topic that will require tons of sentences and paragraphs to explain. An example of such a topic is, ‘How to build a house.’

If you choose to write on this, it’s going to take a lot of time to explain and may even exceed your word count. So choose a specific topic that doesn’t make it seem like you don’t know what you are doing.

Compare-and-contrast Essay

The essence of this kind of essay is to show that you can bring out similarities and differences between two objects, people, or places. To choose a topic on this:

1.   Pick a topic with obvious similarities and differences

You don’t want to write about something that will be nerve-racking for your readers to differentiate. You want them to easily spot the differences and similarities, so you should go for options that have stark differences. Also, look for options that have a lot of similarities and differences.

2.   Pick a provocative comparison

No one wants to read about how the body parts of a male and female are different. Take it deeper, talk about their psychology, and how they react to situations. This is an essay that requires you to capture the audience’s attention and not be mediocre.

Narrative Essay

The essence of a narrative essay is to tell a story. It should make your reader relive the experience, it should take them in, following every emotion and relating with the characters. It should be 3-10 pages so when picking a topic, make sure it’s on something that would not exceed this.

To pick a topic, you should:

1.   Choose a topic that changed your perspective on a particular issue

This should involve the growth of your character (it could even be you). It should describe how a certain event changed you or your character, it should cite certain important events that lead to that change. Your topic should give your essay room to be descriptive and relatable.

2.   Your topic should allow your essay body to include dialogues

Rambling about an event may make it appear bulky. So, you should write about something that involves dialogue. Choosing the right topic will make it easy for you.

Remember, you’re telling a story and not delivering a lecture. Your topic doesn’t have to be logical or straightforward, but make sure it doesn’t make it too easy for you to deviate from the narrative when writing the essay body.

No matter the type of essay you are writing, you should be wise when choosing a topic. You should opt for one  based on what you are writing the essay for – a term paper or a certificate. It is also recommended that you pick a topic that you either know enough about or are passionate about – preferably both. Put yourself in the shoes of your reader. If you were the one who came across that topic randomly, would you be interested in reading the essay? That should help you gauge how interesting your topic is.

If you are having issues creating topics for your essay or crafting the entire essay, and you can’t get your hands on an essay writer free of responsibilities to handle your essay, there are essay writer free online platforms that help with that.