9 Most Watched Healthcare YouTube Channels

Sep 14, 2020 7:35 AM ET


Do you want to find out the best healthcare channels on YouTube to fuel your interests or grow your knowledge? If so, we’ve done the legwork for you. You won’t have to start from the ground up and waste your precious time. Even if you are looking for where to buy YouTube views, we have you covered.

In this article, we provide a roundup of the most influential and the best watched YouTube health channels 2020. There are decent chances that these are the best channels that your colleagues watch.

Here is our well-researched list of the most-watched YouTube channels. Their viewership stretch from 800k views to 80m views. Having been watched by these huge numbers of people, it only means that these videos have proven a valuable resource that you can learn a thing or two from. Here’s our countdown:

American Medical Association (AMA)–  800k+ views


The CEO of the American Medical Association once famously said, “a healthier nation is a national imperative”, and through AMA, the country’s physicians are walking the talk.

If you are one of those people who are enthralled by the idea of patients and physicians working together to transform the US into a healthier nation for our posterity, then you can take a lot of inspiration from this YouTube channel. They even have a twitter channel where people can follow them and share thoughts and ideas about issues raised in the videos.

Aurora Health Care–  1.1+ views

Aurora Health Care may be located in Wisconsin and operates out of the area but its unique perspective on patient protection and healthcare education is valid everywhere. Their support extends well beyond healthcare. It aims at supporting communities that struggle with matters like treatment programs.

If this is in your professional line, you can follow these professionals.

GE Healthcare– 4.3M+ views

Do you find interest in watching healthcare videos about the future of the medical profession? If so, the GE Healthcare YouTube Channel is the best channel for you. The educational video content found on the GE channel is about all types of topics, from patient monitoring systems to medical diagnostics, to drug discovery and information technology.

It’s a part of the famous General Electric Company and is solely dedicated to innovation, better quality healthcare, and performance improvement.

American Heart Association– 9M + views

Do you dream of becoming a cardiographic technician or a heart surgeon? If so, this channel offers plenty of educational videos that appeal to a wide variety of audiences. The AHA, which describes its role as “beyond question”, relies on YouTube to inform people about health conditions that are related to stroke and heart diseases. Apart from teaching you about professional goals and healthcare programs, this channel also exposes you to real individuals and families in the videos. The channel not only talks about the need for a longer, healthier life but also why eating well and exercising are vital to your overall wellbeing.

Healthcare Triage– 10.8M + views

The matter of healthcare policy and research is an important one for not just healthcare professionals but also those who aspire to join the industry. The channel has lots of useful YouTube medical videos that are well-organized and has a dedicated playlist for the Healthcare Triage Live. Here, Dr. Aaron Carroll answers all your general questions on healthcare.

He is a Pediatrics professor and Indian University School of Medicine Associate Dean for Research and Mentoring. He is also a regular contributor to The Incident Economist and also blogs a lot about the healthcare system of the US. If you want to market your health business, this is a channel you will want to keep an eye for. Alternatively, you can buy YouTube views from reputable sources like Stormviews.

Kaiser Permanente Thrive– 11M + views

The channel boasts a regular stream of videos that appeal to a large audience. It is filled with tips that you can apply in your everyday life to remain fit and healthy. These include things commuting to work on a bike instead of using your car.

Other videos teach you about healthy recipes to make food, others are about interviews with healthcare professionals and brief videos of actual real-life stories. It’s a vibrant channel that can be accessed from all levels, whether it is doctors, patients, or healthcare students.

American Cancer Society– 13.7M + views

If you or anyone you know has suffered from cancer in their personal or professional life, you can consider the American Cancer Society YouTube channel your online repository for everything cancer-related.

The organization estimates that there will be approximately 1.7m new cancer cases and 600,000 deaths by 2025. In the channel, you will meet survivors, watch campaigns that give hope to patients and raise cancer awareness, and read stats about the disease and how to stay safe from it.

Siemens– 43M+ views

Siemens is a well-known brand that has existed for over 160 years. The name is instantly recognized by healthcare pros such as diagnostic medical sonographers that work precisely with imaging equipment.

The company manufactures medical equipment that helps healthcare personnel to be as efficient as possible in their job, which enables them to save even more lives. The company is reputable for engineering excellence and its precision technologies.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)– 80M views

For any healthcare problem, you may want to research on the internet, there’s a decent chance you will find a video or link to the CDC. From their YouTube channel, you will find everything about health whether it’s about infectious diseases like Ebola to radiation to HIV testing.

The CDC says its mission is to help the nation save lives and also protect it from international threats. It has nearly 80 million views which makes it the most popular YouTube health channel.


If you want to live a healthier life, there is no shortage of resources to direct you on the right path. YouTube is certainly one of these and has lots of video resources for almost all types of audiences. Even if you are a marketer looking to buy YouTube views from Stormviews, these channels will prove immensely useful to you.

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