98point6 Raises $43M in Series D Funding

Apr 7, 2020 1:50 AM ET

98point6, a Seattle, WA-based virtual healthcare technology startup, raised $43m in Series D funding.

Backers included:

– Goldman Sachs’ merchant banking division;

– Larry Fink, BlackRock CEO;

– Jim Sinegal, Costco co-founder;

– David Viniar, former Goldman Sachs CFO; and

– Nader Naini, Frazier Healthcare Partners Managing Partner.

The company, which has raised $129m to date, intends to use the funds to grow its physician team and continue to improve its service.

Founded in 2015 by CEO Robbie Cape and Brad Younggren, chief medical officer, 98point6 combines AI and machine learning with board-certified physicians to provide primary care by offering private, text-based diagnosis and treatment via a mobile app. For employers, health plans and retail partners, the company increases primary care utilization among those not actively or appropriately engaged in their health, enabling earlier medical intervention and reducing overall cost of care.

The company currently has 241 employees and over 200 commercial contracts with employers, health plans and retail partners in all 50 states.

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