A-1 Auto Transport Provides Enclosed Auto Shipping in Lubbock

Sep 10, 2020 5:10 AM ET

One thing that anyone living in Texas can tell you is that the weather is unpredictable. You can tune in to Lubbock’s Fox34 to see weather for the state as well as the entire South Plains region. Knowing the weather can save you from potential damage to your car, especially during transport.

The Lubbock Speedway is known as being an unpopular place for good clean fun in Texas. Racecars come from all around to race here, most of them using enclosed auto transport. Why do drivers use enclosed transport for their racecars?

The exterior of your car is like your skin and can be affected by the changes in the weather. Racecar drivers want their vehicle to remain as pristine as possible when they are going to a race. For this reason, many of them opt for enclosed transport to the Lubbock track. 

If a vehicle is transported using an open trailer style, they are exposed to road debris and the weather. Prolonged sun exposure can cause the paint job to fade prematurely, and the oxidization caused by the sunlight can cause the paint to chip and peel.

Hail can cause dents and scratches to the exterior of a car. If the force is strong enough, windshields can also be shattered. Hail can occur in all kinds of weather patterns, but keeping an eye on a local weather station can help you identify if your area is expecting hail during a storm event.

One type of damage that often gets overlooked is wind damage. The wind itself is not to blame for damages that can occur. The fine particles and debris within the wind are what cause the problems. Sand and other road debris can be picked up by the wind, causing scratches and even windshield damage.

You do not have to own a racecar to ship a vehicle using A-1 Auto Transport’s fleet of enclosed vehicle trailers. Many people use this service because of other factors. With most enclosed shipments, there is a guaranteed pickup and delivery date between the driver and the customer. 

Trailers are equipped with a hydraulic lift that helps load vehicles into the trailers that may be lower profile. The lift helps protect the undercarriage of the car from damage during the loading and unloading process. 

For some, the protection during transport is enough for them to pay extra for enclosed auto shipping from A-1 Auto Transport. The reason for this is because auto theft does happen. Even with the most diligent drivers on the roadways, sometimes things happen during transport. A-1 Auto’s enclosed trailers help keep your vehicle safer than open transport. (Even though they keep your vehicle safe in open transport situations, too.)

To learn more about what A-1 Auto Transport can offer you with auto transport, visit the website. Once there, take advantage of the shipping cost calculator and begin your free online quote. You can speak with an experienced auto transport specialist about what your auto transport needs, and they can tell you how A-1 Auto Transport can accommodate them.


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