A Potential Coronavirus Resurgence Calls for Civility and Common Sense

Oct 28, 2020 5:29 AM ET

Oct 28, 2020 1:29 AM ET
iCrowd Newswire – Oct 28, 2020

With the number of new coronavirus cases spiking across Nevada, the prospect of a full-blown resurgence this winter appears more likely than ever. Efforts to extinguish the recent uptick could prove critical in preventing such a spike, but time will tell if such measures are taken.

In the meantime, let’s briefly go over the last time our community experienced a blowing up in COVID-positive cases. It was springtime 2020, six months ago on paper but a lifetime ago in memory. Essential supplies vanished from store shelves overnight. Neighbors haggled over how many toilet paper rolls equal one bottle of hand sanitizer.

We were all there. It wasn’t pretty. If coronavirus cases see a spike in the weeks and months ahead, do any of us want to go through that again? Of course not, but that’s easier said than done in a world full of hoarders, preppers, and panic buyers.

To keep a resurgence of coronavirus cases from becoming another mad dash for toilet paper and potential existential crisis, everyone needs to plan within reason. That means the following:

Stock up within reason

The prospect of returning to life under lockdown sounds like cause to buy as many groceries as possible, but the bulk purchase rampage we saw in March 2020 was mostly unnecessary. Furthermore, it resulted in a limited distribution of basic home goods. If regional coronavirus cases go up this winter, resist the urge to take more than needed. What’s enough? That depends on the item and number of people in your household. Family of five? Sixty-four rolls of toilet paper and one at home Covid test will suffice. Apply similar math to other household essentials, and your family will be safe.

Practice proper hygiene within reason

Keep two travel-sized bottles of hand sanitizer in the family truckster at all times. Make a habit of handwashing every time you visit a restroom or return home. Wear a proper-fitting face mask in public and wash reusable masks after every use. Make sure everyone else in your household does the same. Other than basic hygiene, there’s no reason to do more to prevent the spread of coronavirus in your home.

Follow the news within reason

Keeping up with current events is encouraged. But don’t let it go to your head. It’s easy to let breaking news and dramatic reporting influence your day-to-day outlook and emotional wellbeing. Never forget to consider the facts as presented by several major news outlets. Relying on the news provided by one news agency is asking for trouble in terms of bias and misinformation.

Seek medical attention within reason

Now is not the time to become a hypochondriac. Most people know a common cold when they see or have one. If coronavirus cases spike this winter, don’t let hysteria take control. The healthcare system is already overwhelmed. But if anyone in your household experiences shortness of breath coupled with fever and dry cough, don’t hesitate to seek medical attention as soon as possible. Practice common sense and it will work out.

Let’s hope and pray our community doesn’t see a resurgence of coronavirus in recent months. But if it happens, the next step will be protecting our loved ones while also supporting our neighbors. We can do both! If we all keep our wits and mind our manners, we’ll manage the next wave of infection better than the last one.