A Quick Guide to Leading a Healthier, More Productive Life

Jul 8, 2020 10:35 PM ET


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How much time do we spend standing in lines or getting stuck in traffic? Being idle is frustrating but we need to focus on maximizing the time that we do have to keep ourselves mentally and physically fit.

We might be doing less these days because of the current health crisis, but it’s still important to lead an active lifestyle. Opportunities are waiting for us beyond this pandemic, so it’s best we prepare for what’s to come by staying healthy and doing what we love.

Embrace a more proactive lifestyle with these tips:

Get enough rest

As life becomes easier with all the technology that’s available to us, we also find ourselves working extra hard. Fast-paced lifestyles have led people to clock in more hours at the office and sleep less. In our attempt to become extra productive everyday, we have also compromised our health in a trade-off that could be fatal in the long term. So, regardless of how hectic your life seems to be, it’s important to get the standard eight hours for sleep and find time for power naps when needed. With a well-rested mind and body, you can actually do more compared to sacrificing sleep for an all-nighter.

Log out of social media

According to a Medium article, about 45% of the world’s population access social media for 2 hours and 23 minutes a day — and the numbers keep increasing. Sure we all want to update other people about our personal lives, but we have to save some time for social interactions in the real world. And although some studies suggest that social media usage at work can boost productivity, it does have an adverse effect on professional relationships by triggering feelings of jealousy. You have to agree that life is better offline, so why not deactivate your Facebook or delete Instagram for a little while and get back to the intimacy of face-to-face conversations or be one with nature.

Walk or bike to work

The daily commute can be stressful, especially when you get caught in traffic jams. Aside from that, you miss out on a lot if you are confined in your car or stuffed inside a crowded bus. Break free from this cycle by waking up early and going to work on foot or by bike. It’s healthy and it gives you a much-needed warm up before the daily grind begins.

Eat fresh

They say “you are what you eat.” So, if you always have the munchies for potato chips and pulled pork during your off-hours, you might want to think about turning to healthier alternatives that won’t cause you to overeat. Eat fresh salads for lunch or prepare your meals using organically-grown or produced ingredients. They might not be as satisfying at first, but think about the long-term effects of eating junk food on your health and ability to perform at work.

Despite the challenges of the modern world, you can always find opportunities to stay healthy and productive. You just have to change the way you look at the things that are supposed to bring convenience and the things that can lead to a more fulfilling life. 


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