Active Shooter Tracking: B-Three Solutions Explains How They’re Making Worst-Case Scenarios Less Deadly

Mar 31, 2021 4:00 PM ET

Staying Prepared and Vigilant: B-Three Solutions Active Shooter Technology May Be Life-Saving

No one wants to imagine an active shooter situation happening in a school, workplace, or other public entity, but sadly, these incidents are a reality. B-Three Solutions is working to develop active shooter tracking technology to help people involved in these situations stay safe, while also allowing first responders to track threats in real-time.

How B-Three Solutions May Work To Complement The Department of Homeland Security’s Active Shooter Protocols

Active shooter technology is changing constantly, and the United States Department of Homeland Security regularly updates their protocol to ensure that best practices are being used to keep people in active shooter situations as safe as possible.

B-Three Solutions is developing technology to work with and support the current protocol.

First, the Department of Homeland Security recommends evacuating the area when it’s safe to do so. For people in active shooter situations, it can be hard to know when it’s safe to flee the area. B-Three Solutions active shooter tracking technology may be able to allow people to track active shooters in real-time, letting them decide when it makes the most sense to flee to safety.

In some situations, evacuation isn’t an option. It’s recommended that people involved in an active shooter situation find a safe place to hide out and wait until the premises is secured. With B-Three Solutions active shooter tracking technology, both people who are in the situation and first responders would be able to find the active shooter in real-time and choose safe places to hide out based on the shooter’s location and access to different areas of the building.

While it’s only recommended as a last resort, taking action against the shooter is an option. B-Three Solutions active shooter tracking technology may allow first responders and others involved in active shooter situations to use every second to their advantage, creating makeshift weapons and choosing the right time to confront the shooter.

Moving Forward: Using Technology To Improve Safety

While it’s scary to think about worst-case scenarios, B-Three Solutions is constantly working to create the best solutions possible in terrible situations. From school security to situations that are a threat to public safety, B-Three Solutions is committed to doing all that they can to contribute to public safety.

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