Ad4m Fitness takes Hawaii by storm with the new gym equipment

Nov 21, 2020 5:08 PM ET

iCrowdNewswire   Nov 21, 2020  12:08 PM ET

We know that there is a high demand for exercise. However, with the increased gym equipment rates, it has become challenging to buy gym equipment in islands like Hawaii. Moreover, gymming is a necessity and not a luxury; however, people in Hawaii can still not purchase gym equipment because of their high price.

According to Jeff Caravalho, “It’s impossible to find gym equipment locally, and many companies won’t ship to Hawaii; Ad4m had quality products and affordable shipping!”Moreover, our company Ad4M fitness, has taken the initiative and has kept the gym equipment’s price low to make people capable of buying the gym equipment.

We are a U.S-based company started by a husband (Vincent Briatore) and wife’s (Monika) team whose primary goal is to provide you with the most reliable and authentic gym equipment and that too at an affordable price. We have gone through numerous researches and found out that due to Corona virus’s spread, the equipment price has gone to the sky. Moreover, there is a drastic fall in the gymming sector these days. Due to this corona virus, people do not feel safe going out in a gym and want their home to become their gym. That is why they are buying gymming equipment from stores.

Moreover, fitness stores are not able to sell the products because of the less stock. People are finding gym equipment in numerous stores and are buying the products at high rates. However, there are multiple websites available on the internet that is selling gym equipment. Still, we can assure you that the quality and price of the products we provide are unmatched. Not to brag about ourselves, we do not have any competition in terms of quality and affordability.

However, there are flaws in every system. No matter how we try, there can be some mistakes committed by us. Therefore, you can complain about those mistakes and help us grow ourselves by mailing us on or calling us on 18008822346. We have a profound group of experts who will help you out with any sort of complaint. Moreover, we have a ‘chat with us’ that will enable you to chat with our customer care executive.

Equipment that we sell

There are numerous fitness websites available on the internet. All of them claiming on providing the best products. However, if you compare the price of the products available on our website with the other ones, you can see the difference yourself. Moreover, you can have reviews of pre-existing customers in the Ad4m on our website’s news option. However, we are providing you with the list of gym equipment that we sell to help you assess our price and quality.

  1. Cast Iron Plates

We provide the best iron plates for home gym equipment. This is because; we are not limited to gym equipments, we offer iron supplies to numerous auto industries that require maximum endurance. Therefore, we provide plates of the same material to satisfy your gym experience.

  • Price- $39
  • Weight – 10LB to 45LB
  • Available- Pair of 2
  1. Competition Barbells

We provide one of the most finely graded and easy to use barbells. They are specially designed to provide you with easy to use specifications and firm gripping to make your gymming experience more soothing. However, you should give us a minimum time of shipping that is 2 to 3 weeks, depending on your location.

  • Price- $249
  • Weight- 45LBS
  • Availability- Single Bar
  1. Adjustable Dumbbells

Nowadays, there is numerous modified gym equipment available on the internet. One of the most preferred state of art modification is the adjustable dumbbells. These dumbbells have a sleek and elegant design and come in different sizes so that you can buy the appropriate size that suits your requirements.

  • Price-  Around $600 to $2000 ( depending upon your location, including shipping charges)
  • Weight- 65LBS (65×2 =130LBS)
  • Availability- Pair of 2

Bottom Line

Ad4m fitness knows the necessity of gym equipment. We understand that due to the increase in the price of gym equipment, you cannot buy the appropriate gym equipment for your home. Moreover, there are numerous websites available on the internet that provides gym equipment. However, you can compare the quality and price of that equipment with the ones that we sell, and you can see the difference yourself. We have genuine products and have top quality metals that will make your gymming experience soothing. Having said that, we are eagerly waiting for you to connect with us.