Advantages of losing weight 

Oct 9, 2021 4:56 PM ET

People think that losing weight is all about looks. However, that is not the case. Excessive weight can result in obesity and can be dangerous for you. Losing weight is understandably a difficult task – sometimes, even when you are trying to lose 1kg of weight, it can seem impossible. 

One thing that everyone should understand is that you don’t always have to go for shark tank weight loss. You can lose weight by using simple means, and you don’t always have to lose a lot of weight. 

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Regulates blood sugar and diabetes

Losing weight can be beneficial for diabetic people. According to facts, weight loss can help with insulin sensitivity in patients with type 2 diabetes. In addition, if you have excess fat in your body, the fatty tissue in your body can increase. 

As a result, there is inflammation. This disrupts the function of insulin in your body – insulin is the hormone that helps with the regulation of blood sugar levels. 

When you lose weight, the adipose tissue reduces. Therefore, your body can manage blood sugar effectively and efficiently. However, you don’t have to lose a lot of weight for this purpose. Only a 5% weight loss can also help you in this matter. 

Improves your heart health

When you lose weight, the pressure on your arteries lessens. Due to this reason, your heart can work without any stress and can do its task smoothly. Once this happens, your blood pressure lowers, and your cholesterol levels also decrease. 

To improve your heart’s health, you can lose weight using both surgical and non-surgical methods. Therefore, you can go both ways according to your preference. 

Less risk of a stroke

If you are overweight, you have more chances of getting a stroke. This is because excess fat can result in you having high blood pressure. This is because higher blood pressure can put pressure on your blood vessels. This stiffens them, and the chances of a blood clot increase. 

It helps with your sleep.

Excessive weight can result in you having sleep apnea. This is a condition in which the patient’s breathing gets disrupted while sleeping. This is because due to excessive fat, the fat deposits in your neck can increase. Thus, your airways can get obstructed. 

Losing weight can help you overcome sleep apnea. While it won’t completely finish the condition, it will be of some help. According to the National Sleep Foundation, if a person loses 10 to 15 percent of weight, their sleep quality can improve. 

To wrap it up!

Obesity is a real issue and can lead upto many dangerous health issues. However, we need to understand that some people need to lose less weight because being underweight can also have its cons. 

According to facts, even if you lose 5% of your excess weight, you can benefit from many health benefits. You can have a healthier heart, better sleep, a low risk of diabetes, etc. 

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