Alabama girl, 4, missing for 2 days, brought to safety with her dog

Mar 28, 2020 11:10 PM ET

A 4-year-old Alabama girl was brought to safety with her dog on Friday afternoon – a mile from her rural home after she was gone for two days.

“I am so happy and thankful to God that he watches over my beautiful granddaughter and brings her safely back to us,” said Harriet Sides, Evelyn “Vadie” Sides’ grandmother.

Vadie went for a walk with her dog under the supervision of a caretaker on Wednesday afternoon when the caretaker said she had turned her head for a second and the girl had “essentially disappeared”.

Alabama girl Evelyn Vadie Sides, 4 years old, missing; Searching

Authorities used helicopters and drones to find them on Thursday.

“The dog was with her all the time to protect her,”; said Andrew Peacock, spokesman for the sheriff’s office in Lee County, The Birmingham News.

Jay Jones, sheriff in Lee County, said Vadie was in good shape: responsive, attentive, and talking.

“No words can describe everyone’s relief,” Jones said, according to FOX 6 in Birmingham, after the girl was reunited with her parents. “We are simple, ecstatic could be a good word … and the best part is that she is with her mother.”

Around 300 volunteers had joined the search through the forest area.

“Our thanks just don’t seem to be enough, but you have our sincere and sincere thanks for the sacrifices you made – all the volunteers who had a goal in mind and found this little girl and brought her back to her mother and dad “What just happened a few minutes ago,” added Jones.

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