Alaska School Bus Accident Puts The Spotlight On Safety Measures

Mar 6, 2020 5:00 PM ET

A school bus was involved in a three-vehicle accident on the Alaska Highway last month. The crash occurred near Mile 69, and also involved a pickup truck and a tanker truck. The highway is open to single lane traffic.

Officials at the Christian Life School (the bus belonged to the school) and RCMP say that no fatalities or injuries were reported in this crash.

School Principal Garry Jones posted a statement on social media saying that all the students as well as the bus driver were safe, and the drivers of the other automobiles involved the crash were also “okay”. Jones thanked the first responders for their assistance.


Reminder for Safety

Although this school bus accident did not result in any serious injuries, but it serves as a strong reminder that the schools and vehicle drivers have a responsibility to protect students and other people on the road. Every possible step must be taken to ensure that the risk of injuries is minimized and school buses in Alaska remain safe.

While school buses are generally considered a safe means of transport for kids, and riders of a school bus are significantly less likely to suffer injuries or fatalities compared to car occupants, safety measures must still be upgraded. Incidents such as the recent Alaska highway school bus accident must be minimized. 


Legal Requirements for School Bus Drivers in Alaska

School bus drivers in Alaska are required to obtain a special license and proper training before they can legally operate the bus. All school buses should be equipped with flashers, safety lights, and aids for visibility. Speed limits must never be broken by school bus drivers and they must stop at every railroad crossing.

Unfortunately, Alaska does not require school buses to be equipped with seat belts. Some experts are of the view that buses should have seat belts and all students should be required to wear them in order to improve safety.


What Should Parents do if their Child Gets Injured in a School Bus Crash?

Bus accidents can cause serious injuries not only to occupants of other vehicles, but also to children and adults who may be riding on the bus. Parents should immediately speak to an experienced Alaska bus accident lawyer if their child suffers injuries in a school bus crash. A dependable attorney can help the victims recover their rightful damages from the at-fault parties that led to their accident and injuries.

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