Alex Hovde North Dakota talks rock climbing expeditions from coast to coast

Apr 9, 2020 8:05 AM ET

Adventurer Alex Hovde North Dakota shares his favorite spots for rock climbing in the USA – from sea to shining sea.

Alex Hovde North Dakota was born in the coastal state of Washington and quickly developed a taste for adventure in his younger years.

As an avid outdoorsman, Alex Hovde North Dakota has experimented with many recreational activities from exploring hiking trails to rock climbing. However, rock climbing has emerged as the longtime favorite alongside travel.

Alex Hovde North Dakota has crisscrossed the country and experienced many of the best rock climbing opportunities from coast to coast.

For the traveler making a meandering journey cross-country and ready to get in some rock climbing along the way, Alex Hovde North Dakota recommends the following trails.

Near the East Coast, Old Rag, elevation 3,128 feet, is in the Shenandoah National Park in Virginia and is a challenging day excursion for the avid climber. It is also OK for the hiker with an estimated 5.5 hour hiking time, Alex Hovde North Dakota said.

A granite surface with multiple approaches for climbers helps enthusiasts adjust difficulty if enough gear is brought along for the climb.

Further west on the trail is the Red River Gorge in Kentucky, a stunning destination with sandstone walls featuring a color gradient from side to side that captures the imagination while you plan a route, Alex Hovde North Dakota said.

Red River Gorge seems built for rock climbers with plenty of places to grab, anchor and climb over at different challenge levels. With its variety of features, Red River Gorge can suit a variety of skill levels according to Alex Hovde North Dakota.

Sam’s Throne in Arkansas takes the road trip further west and provides a quality vertical journey in the Ozark National Forest of Arkansas near Jasper.

High-quality natural lines on sandstone range in difficulty based on climbing experience and make a great opportunity for a seasoned climber to enjoy a more relaxing afternoon or introduce a new friend to the thrill.

While inching closer to the west coast, Moab in Utah also provides a variety of challenges according to Alex Hovde North Dakota. The community features many climbing destinations in close proximity to one another.

With routes of varying grades and lengths and that target different climbing techniques, multiple climbers at different skill levels can find a suitable challenge scaling the sandstone.

Yosemite National Park in California is also home to top-level rock climbing options according to Alex Hovde North Dakota.

For the traveler who has finally reached the west, a celebratory climb may be in order.

The potential for climbing with a crowd is real at the Southeast Buttress in the park, but passing is generally not a problem. Moving through pitches gradually ups the difficulty level, and the views available at different vantage points across the surface can’t be missed.




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