Alexander Raphael Neild Excels as Account Executive at Fourstar Group

Feb 19, 2021 1:00 PM ET

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There are many important parts of the general economy that people tend to take for granted. One part of the economy that is frequently overlooked is the import and retail industry. Without this industry, we would not have access to the goods and services we need to lead a safe and comfortable life. One individual that has continued to be successful in this industry is Alexander Raphael Neild. Today, he is a successful account executive with the Fourstar Group and past education and successes have helped him get to where he is today.

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 Alexander Raphael Neild Starts with Great Education

One of the keys to success for anyone is to receive a great education that teaches them the basics of the business world but also the skills needed to adapt in a changing world. Alexander Raphael Neild went to Fitchburg College and earned a degree in political science. This education included a well-rounded background and taught many interpersonal skills that are necessary to be a successful person in the business world

 Alexander Raphael Neild Starts Retail and Import Career

After graduating from college, Alexander Raphael Neild decided to pursue a career in the retail and import industry. He was able to find a job that utilized his interpersonal skills and allowed him to quickly recognize the value that he brought to any organization. At his first job with Anderson Merchandisers, he was able to build a relationship with Wal-Mart and the company quickly became a reliable merchandising and import solution for Wal-Mart stores located all over the country.

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Alexander Raphael Neild Brings Skills Set to Fourstar Group

In 2013, Alexander Raphael Neild decided to switch roles and took on new responsibilities with the Fourstar Group. When he first started out in this role, he quickly found that his experience allowed him to excel with the firm. Beyond providing great service to customers, he also provided valuable insight to the firm when it came to procurement and sales.

Alexander Raphael Neild offers New Strategy Services

As his career with the Fourstar Group developed, Alexander Raphael Neild found himself providing additional consultation and strategy development services to help the company. Some of his areas of focus included enhancing a pricing strategy and assisting in the development of new products that have helped to diversify the company’s offerings. All of these services helped to make him a valued member of the team.

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 Overall, the import and retail industry would not be as effective and efficient as it is today without the support of individuals such as Alexander Raphael Neild. These professionals continue to look for ways to innovate and bring products to customers all over the world. Throughout the course of his career, he has been focused on delivering great service to customers and also helping enhance offerings by the firms that he has worked for