American model, actress and singer Ellen Alexander Launching Online store and Blog

Feb 25, 2021 7:06 AM ET

iCrowdNewswire   Feb 25, 2021  2:06 AM ET

Ellen Alexander, an American model, actress, and singer of Russian descent, never ceases to amaze her fans. Ellen seems to have a lot more than 24 hours in her day. In fact, along with working on two new songs, shooting for cult magazines like L’Officiel, SHAPE, VOGUE, acting classes, and making author films, Ellen launched her own blog store. And we should all take a look at it. Why? We asked Ellen about it.


– Ellen, congratulations on your new project! How did you get the idea to start your own blog and store?

– I just started seeing my friends more often. In the pandemic, we started talking not just about work, but about everything in general. We shared our favorite care products, learned time management, and worked on ourselves. Often we shared together some products that we liked and told each other what they were good for. At some point, there were too many people asking me to share some favorite product, for example, hair care. And I began to write articles in order to send them at once to everyone. And I was drawn to it, I really liked to feel like a kind of cosmetics blogger-reviewer. And my friends began to ask for links to the products I write about. And very strongly recommended to start publishing them somewhere. People often ask me, “What is it?” and “Where did you buy it? And, since I’m spending my time and sharing my funds with others anyway, I thought, “why not?” And I created my own review magazine with referral links to products I like. This is how my blog-store came about.

– Judging by how cool your site looks, you’ve put a lot of work and energy into it, right? Share your experience

– The hardest part was finding specialists who would sign contracts with the companies whose products I take into my store. The thing is, I choose the products, the clothes, the jewelry that I want to put in my store. Therefore, we have to negotiate separately with each company for each product. This model is not the easiest way to go, but I don’t want anyone dictating to me what to put in the showcase. In my store, only products that I use myself. Now I have a full-time person who only deals with these contracts. I just write articles, reviews, try new products, select some for the store and share the benefits with readers and customers.

– What topics do you cover in your blog?

– You know, I want it to be a magazine about everything. I share tips about healthy living, self-care, and self-development. Anything I know, anything that works for me and is of great benefit to me and others, I make sure to put on my blog. For me, this project is first a blog, and only then a store. My articles are just another facet of my work, so I don’t focus on them. Even the products I choose are the ones I really like.

– Why are these topics so important to you?

– This is what I live by. It’s simple: I talk about what concerns me and my friends. Otherwise, it would be disingenuous and therefore, as I believe, of no interest to anyone.

– I’ve noticed that most of the articles you post on your blog are very helpful. You share the secrets of self-care, talk about self-development, and generally try to give as much as possible to your readers. Is this the goal of your blog?

– Yes, of course. Why else would I launch such a project? I often share advice on my Instagram, with my friends, family. Yes, all people love advice. It is the benefit I bring to others that gives me pleasure.

– You know, many Russian bloggers would never give away so much valuable information for free. Why do you share everything so freely and easily?

– I don’t understand that. Should I take money for advice? There are other ways to make money, such as the same referral links that I leave for anyone who wants to buy what I have recommended. I watch lectures on YouTube, read magazines, why should I ask someone to pay for my thoughts and advice? I get the advice for free.

– But that’s not all! Let’s get to the most interesting part. You have created your online store. Can you tell us about the products you put in the showcase?

– Again, I use all the products in the store myself. I can spend hours on brand sites and compile bows, combine some things to put them in my store later. I may be interested in some cream, seeing it in a random advertisement, order myself, try it out and post a review of it if I like it. I would never put some random product in my showcase. I don’t want to turn my project into just another junk store. I take great responsibility for everything I do.

– There’s a lot of cool grooming stuff in the store. Tell us about your most unusual thing and you are favorite.

— All products are favorable. Rose thorn oil is my favorite. I like oils a lot, so I have a lot of them in my store. From the unusual ones- red lamps for hair growth. I can’t say that the effect of them comes immediately, but I can feel it. Many of my friends have asked about these lamps, many have tried them and liked them, so I decided to add them.

– What are your plans for his further development of the blog?

– Work on it. Add new reviews, new products. Write more, tell more. Test, look for cool products. Read great books, watch great lectures, share the knowledge gained. Just work and develop. I believe that endless activity is needed. I can’t stop. In general, I have Napoleonic plans: I want to make a good, detailed, useful, large magazine store. And so far I’m doing well.

– You have so many projects, how did you fit a blog with an online store into your schedule as well? Did you have to sacrifice something?

– I had to sacrifice only a rest. Time is a matter of choice: what to spend it on. And I spend it on my projects. Especially now, in a pandemic, when there is plenty of it.

– Does your new project give you inspiration or take away from your energy?

– All my projects give me energy and inspiration. The more I invest in them, the more I get. That is why I am for sincerity in everything. If I was making this blog for the sake of making money or posting products I don’t like, I wouldn’t be able to get the resources I need for creativity out of it.

– What will you surprise us next time? Is there any other project we’re all looking forward to?

– Now I am creating 3 films. I know it sounds promising, but I won’t reveal all the secrets just yet.

– Well, thank you very much for the interesting and bright interview! I wish you as many readers and buyers as possible! Good luck to your new project!