Apple Card is a new way of Payment

Mar 27, 2019 1:05 PM ET

Apple has made several announcements regarding its plans for its future. The company’s CEO Tim Cook has unveiled some of its distinctive products that had helped Apple in expanding its horizon beyond the electronics. Apple is officially not limited to software and electronics. Now Apple has expanded its grasp into financial services, entertainment, news, and gaming. During their announcements, the Apple Card was announced making Apple’s venture into financial services official. The company has joined forces with Master Card to introduce its financial service in the form of a Card named Apple Card.

Apple Card is easy to understand

Apple Card offers many advantages over traditional credit cards such as simplicity, Privacy, and transparency which will ultimately yield better results. The card does not have any hidden fees that traditional cards have such as late fees, annual fees, limitation fees and fees on international traction. To top it all out, the card also has a lower interest rate compared to the other cards. The strategy of Apple credit card is clearly defined which is different than the traditional credit cards offered by banks. Traditional cards have a rewards system that is quite confusing and the charges applied to a card are unclear. Apple has clearly stated their rewards system and how the entire procedure works. The fees in a traditional card are associated with the financial institution of the card. On the other hand, Apple Card uses GPS to determine the location, and the daily cash rewards can give you the exact idea about the credit that you earn as a reward as you purchase through Apple Card.

Perks of Apple Card

Signing up for Apple Card is pretty easy, and the users can use their iPhone to sign up for the credit card. As soon as users sign up for the Apple card, the card will appear on their Apple wallet, and the users can start using it instantly. Apple has simplified the process, and it is as easy as signing up for an account. The users of Apple Card can use this card in all the places where Apple Card is accepted because it is back by Master Card. Since the card is in a total integration with your Apple wallet, the card can give you ideas about the exact amount of interest that you would need to pay in real time. The reward system of Apple Card is also quite clear, and you will get a 2% return on all the purchases that you make with Apple Card. If the user is purchasing Apple services through this card, then you will get 3 % return of the cash back as a reward. There is no cape on the amount of money you can earn back, the more you spend, the more you get.

Compared to the other Cards in the market, Apple Card is giving much more freedom and accessibility to its users. The integration of Apple Card with the Apple wallet is making it more convenient for the users.

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