April Whiting Haraguchi Explains the Benefits of Working Out With Weights

Jun 8, 2021 12:00 PM ET

April Whiting Haraguchi grew up in the Philippines and moved to Hawaii when she was 11 years old. April and her husband Glenn are the founders of “Champs Hawaii Sports Bar and Restaurant”, they also own “Xtreme 7D dark rides”. Over the years, April Whiting Haraguchi has owned other businesses with her husband Glenn Haraguchi. April has always had a great interest in the food/restaurant industry.

During the worst part of the Coronavirus pandemic, April and Glenn Haraguchi were forced to close their business like several other non-essential businesses. April spent a great deal of time with her husband and their children finding ways to stay motivated and busy.

April Whiting Haraguchi Explains the Benefits of Working Out With Weights










One of the things she took an interest in is working out with weights, April has always had an interest in physical activities she enjoys kayaking, long-distance swimming, and bodyboarding of course living in Hawaii water activities are a big attraction for the locals.


April Whiting Haraguchi Discovered the Benefits of Weightlifting

Once she started working out with weights she soon realized it came with several benefits. According to experts, weightlifting isn’t just about bulking up and gaining muscle mass. Improved posture, healthier sleep, better moods, more energy, improved bone density, weight loss maintenance, boosted metabolism, decreased inflammation, and helped with the prevention of chronic disease are just a few of the benefits. All these benefits, especially healthier sleep, keep her going.

During the pandemic, many people have found that their mental health is suffering, their energy level was low, and their mood was not always joyous, and they have put on unwanted pounds. Of course, sitting on the couch all day watching TV isn’t good for the posture, and people who have a chronic illness or want to increase their metabolism and lose weight can attest from firsthand experience that weightlifting can help with all these things.


Creating a Weightlifting Routine

It is exceedingly difficult to stay happy, energized, and even healthy mentally and physically when you’re fearful and locked in your house. Weightlifting is an activity that can be done at home. April Whiting Haraguchi refused to let the effects of the pandemic keep her down.

When April Whiting Haraguchi first started working out with weights she started slow (the right way), used weights she could easily control so as not to injure herself, and only did as much as she could each day gradually building up to a satisfying weightlifting routine.

Once April had her routine down, it became like second nature to weight lift while keeping and some days increasing her energy levels and boosting her mood. She found that her new activity was something she looked forward to every day. All the health benefits were a bonus.

As life starts to return to normal, April Whiting Haraguchi plans to continue working out with weights and reaping the physical and mental benefits she discovered while doing her new activity. She encourages everyone to try weightlifting and know your limits and never push yourself beyond them. Weightlifting is supposed to be beneficial not to add to your stress if you drop one on your foot and break it, everything in moderation is the best way to achieve your benefits.

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