Are global warming and climate change related to each other?

Aug 19, 2020 11:45 AM ET

In the last two to three decades, the term “Global Warming” is being heard by everyone. So, what actually the word Global Warming mean? Global Warming is the process of increasing the average temperature of the Earth than the normal. This, in turn, yields in the climatic transitions. So, global warming is directly proportional to the climatic changes occurring nowadays. Global warming is one of the types of climate variation. Not only global warming raises the temperature, but it also results in the melting of glaciers, variations, and alterations in precipitation, etc. These differences are the indications of climatic alterations.

The influential and principal cause of rising global warming is human beings. The social animal is responsible for such climatic changes that the earth is facing severely. Many activities of the people have led to the rising temperature of the earth. The human activity of burning fossil fuels in large amounts gives rise to greenhouse emissions on the atmosphere. These greenhouse emissions have an adverse effect on the climate. Let’s have a glance at how climate variates due to greenhouse gases.

How does Greenhouse Gases affect the climate of the earth?

The gases that consume and release the energy within the thermal infrared spectrum are referred to as greenhouse gases. Examples of greenhouse gases are carbon dioxide, water vapors, methane, nitrogen, ozone, and many more. But, the presence of these listed gases in the atmosphere is in higher amounts. To balance the climate of the earth, greenhouse gases are extremely necessary. The earth’s atmosphere consists of all the above gases in fixed and required amounts. So, if the amount of any of the greenhouse gases increases or decreases, it directly affects the climate.

The phrase, “Greenhouse effect” is the natural process, in which, the earth absorbs some of the energy emitted by the sun and some energy is reflected back in the space. This energy is consumed by the greenhouse gases present in the atmosphere and heats up the temperature of the earth in a required quantity for the survival of the humans. This complete process refers to the “Greenhouse Effect”. But, human activities like burning fossil fuels, cutting down trees, and increased pollution contributes to a large amount of heat to the greenhouse gases. So, the amount of heat in these gases increases relatively and the temperature of the earth rises subsequently.

As the temperature rises, the glaciers, snow, ice melts. The higher the rise of temperature, the worse the effect on the environment. The complete climatic system of the earth gets disturbed affecting the human lives, animals, birds, oceans, lakes, and every element of the globe. Before moving towards the adverse consequences of global warming, let us first have a glimpse of the causes of global warming.

Causes of Global Warming and Climate Variation:

As mentioned above, the amount of heat on the earth has increased due to the changes in the balance of greenhouse gases. You can also check earth reminder as it focuses on all the aspects of the environment. Following are some major causes of global warming:

1. Emission of CO2:

Fossil fuels like coal, crude oil, gas, petroleum, etc are the natural resources of the earth. People burn these biological resources for their necessities. But, igniting fossil fuels results in the emission of a large amount of carbon dioxide. Another reason for the emission of carbon dioxide is increased industries. The manufacturing factories emit all the residual gases in the atmosphere. This results in the imbalance of greenhouse gases. The sole way to avoid global warming is to limit the usage of natural resources.

2. Deforestation:

Human beings are largely inclining towards cutting down trees and forests for their greedy needs. Plants are the major element in monitoring the climate. Because plants and trees release a higher amount of oxygen and consume carbon dioxide. The studies have shown that a one-fifth amount of pollution is caused due to deforestation. Many new components are being made up from the woods and trees. Soon, all trees and forests would vanish is the strict action is not taken by the government body.

3. Pollution:

Pollution is the most significant cause of global warming. Water, air, and land pollution are the reasons for climatic variations. Humans are the primary reasons for pollutions. Air pollution is caused by emitting harmful gases in the atmosphere. Many companies release out the harmful gases in the air. The residual products are thrown in the rivers, lakes, or oceans, causing water pollution. Human beings are putting their lives in danger by doing the activities that threaten the climate.

The field of Electricity and Heat Production is the major contributor to global warming. It causes a total of 25% of the pollution. The second most contributor to global warming is the industrial area, causing 21% of the total pollution. Agriculture and forestry field stand in third place to cause pollution. Global warming and climate change have harmful effects on the environment as well as human lives.

Effects of Climate Change on Environment:

The consequences of global warming and climate change are long-lasting and adverse. Following are the unmerciful effects on nature’s ecosystem:

The ecosystem of the earth will collapse gradually as global warming increases.
Global warming will result in the loss of biodiversity and the disappearance of various species of animals, birds, etc.
The climatic conditions changed drastically due to the rise in global warming. These changes resulted in floods, hurricanes, heatwaves, droughts, wildfires, and many more.
The biggest effect of global warming can be seen in the contamination of the water present in rivers, lakes, and oceans.
Due to water contamination and acidification, the aquatic lives are at a greater risk. Many species of fishes have vanished and disappeared.

Influences of Climate Change on Human life:

The rising global warming is due to human beings. But. it has a very adverse effect on human life itself. Following are the consequences of climatic variation on human:

The greatest and the harsh impact of global warming is on human health.
As climatic change results in floods and droughts, humans are at a great loss. It becomes difficult to survive in floods and droughts.
The UV rays from the sun directly penetrate the human skin. This may result in skin cancers.

Taking into account all the causes and adverse effects of global warming and climate change, preventive measures have to be taken by every individual to reduce the rise of global warming and avoid climatic alterations.

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