Arlene Guzman hits send on 7 tips for setting up an email campaign

Dec 15, 2021 9:25 PM ET

Arlene Guzman says Forget DMs. Businesses are sliding into your inbox instead.

Los Angeles, CA / iCrowdnews/ December 15, 2021

Email campaigns are one of the most effective ways for businesses to reach customers. In fact, it’s also preferred. According to a recent Salesforce study, 64% of individuals surveyed want marketing messages sent via email compared to other forms of communication.


But businesses wishing to capitalize on this often need help. Arlene Guzman and her company AG Communications partners with nonprofits, startups, and government agencies to develop communication strategies.


When creating an email campaign for your own business, she recommends completing these seven steps before hitting send.




Identify a need.

Having a clear goal transcends any industry or business. Are you trying to increase sales? Promote a new product? Build brand awareness? Determining the “why” for your project is an important and necessary first step. Not only will this drive your messaging, but it also helps focus your team on a specific activity. With a clear purpose, others working on the campaign will be able to contribute helpful ideas. Create a concrete, actionable goal.


Draft the copy.

This starts with knowing your audience. Who you hope to target will influence the voice and tone of your email. Even when sending mass materials, find ways to personalize the message. Be clear, specific, and offer value. However, none of this matters if your subject line isn’t compelling. A poor subject line will lead to the trash bin before it’s even opened. Pro tip: Arlene Guzman avoids all caps and the word “free.” These trigger spam filters.


Insert into the template.

Once you’ve written your copy, add items to the template you’ve created. Embrace a responsive design and make sure your email looks consistent on every platform and on every device. This includes artwork as well. Including images will increase the click-through rate, but too many will limit deliverability.


Test and edit your email.

As the old adage goes, “Measure twice, cut once.” The last thing you want is a buggy or unsightly email. Develop a system for document problems. Arlene Guzman and her team follow a pre-deployment checklist to ensure accuracy.


Send your email.

When it’s finally ready, pull the trigger. Promotional email campaigns are most likely to be opened during the workday. Consider timing emails to go out at 8 a.m., when most people check their inbox.


Track and use data to revise.

Just because you’ve hit “send” doesn’t mean your work is done. Tracking gives measurable data to determine the success of your campaign. Customer engagement can be quantified and collected. Review this information, using it to revise your approach.

Consider a professional.

If you run a business or a non-profit, you’re likely already stretched thin. To maximize your time (and resources), think about outsourcing to a communications or public relations professional. Arlene Guzman, her team, and other professionals are trained and experienced at helping you extend your company’s digital reach.


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